To support your company establishment, either it’s PT PMA or Representative Office or PT PMDN, you should prepare at least an office space or warehouse so you can work confidentially in your own place, then of course you will need employee and payroll service when your business is starting to grow, to keep a track of your financial and tax record and some other further license if you plan to import your product here Indonesia. We can definitely help you for that.

Office Space and Warehouse Search

To support your company establishment, either PT PMA / Representative Office / PT PMDN, you should already have

Recruitment, Employer of Record & Payroll

In this innovation era, it’s important to recruit a talent with vision, skills, behavior to transform your business into the modernization. Therefore, hire an outstanding employee as an asset for your company

Tax and Accounting

As a regulation from Indonesian government, everyone who set up a legal entity in Indonesia needs to report their financial statement and tax on monthly and annual basis.

Further License

If you plan to export your product to Indonesia, you should at least appoint a local company in Indonesia as your agent or distributor, or establish your own company as a Trading Company. For registering your products in Indonesia, we will help you for this


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