Police Report and Expatriate Identity Card for KITAS Holder – To stay in Indonesia, it’s not only finished until the KITAS itself. Some people are misunderstood that to legally stay and work here it only needs Work and Stay Permit (KITAS). The reality is not, the expatriate also needs to obtain Police Report (STM/Surat Tanda Melapor Orang Asing) and Identity Card (SKTT/Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal Orang Asing).

SKTT is needed for the holder who stays in Indonesia for a minimum of 6 months, but before that, the holder needs to register the Police Report (STM) first.

Identity Card for KITAS Holder

Why the expatriate needs those documents?

Especially for the expatriate (KITAS holder) who wants to renew the KITAS in the next year, STM and SKTT are ones of its requirements, without those documents, Immigration will not accept the renewal application.

The regulation about obtaining the SKTT is mentioned on Population Administration Law No. 24/2013 concerning the Amendment to Law No. 23/2006, the ITAS holder must report to the local Civil Registration Office depends on the expatriate residential in Indonesia when they register the KITAS a maximum of 14 days after the KITAS is issued.

There is also another additional document called Travelling Permit (SKJ/Surat Keterangan Jalan Orang Asing). SKJ is needed for expatriate who will resides and works outside of Jakarta. The sponsor of the expatriate has to apply the SKJ to the Police Station before the expatriate travels.

So, to avoid any rejection or issues with the related officials while staying in Indonesia, expatriate or the sponsor needs to pay attention to these additional documents.


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