Start Establishing Your Company

Indoservice will assist you in setting up incorporation your company in Indonesia and providing you a full-service support from pre-establishment stage until post-establishment stage based on the applicable Indonesian Law.


PT PMA is a Foreign-Owned Limited Liability company. The establishment of PT PMA depends on the business activity. There are certain business sectors that are still closed for PT PMA and only allowed for PT Local.

PT Lokal

PT Lokal is a Limited Liabilty Company that 100% owned by a local Indonesian. PT Local is divided into 3 business scales: Small, Medium, and Large Scale.

Representative Office

Helping you for establishing KPPA and KP3A representative office in Indonesia. Representative Office is established for a foreign company that expands the business in Indonesia but the activities are limited.

Office Space

To support office space for your company establishment, either PT PMA / Representative Office / PT PMDN, you should already have.

Business License

Exporting products to Indonesia, at least must appoint a local company as an agent or distributor, or establish their own company for business license.


Indoservice was established in 2015 and helps clients who want to expand or establish a business in Indonesia. We have been providing services to several local and multinational companies.


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