We provide an employee payroll service management, whether the employee registered under your company or not.

Payroll Administration

All-in-one employee needs, such as contract agreement, payslip, and salary calculation.


ID Tax Registration

The tax registration process, starting from the personal tax ID as well as the making of the personal EFIN.


Personal Income Tax

Employee tax reporting both monthly, and at the end of the year.

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Payroll Promo

This service covers employee’s salary calculation, BPJS registration, income tax calculation, tax payment report, and of course salary distribution and along with the payslip.

In addition, payroll outsourcing services also used by companies that wants to keep data and payments confidential and separated from their employees. Although the payroll program that is implemented internally has a higher level of confidentiality, they prefer to use third party services in connection with these matters.

Save production costs, don’t need to buy tools and no need to hire employees to handle this work.

Focus more on doing the company’s core-business.

Companies can improve efficiency, quality and productivity because non-core activities are carried out by other companies that are experts in the field.

Save company’s time in developing business, increase competitiveness in the industrial world, and cut overall operational costs.

Reduce staffing costs by transferring certain tasks to the provider. Meanwhile, companies can still access leased technology without having to be supported.

Worry-free human capital management. One way is to use outsourcing payroll services that will help companies in preparing and reporting on payment, insurance and employee taxes.


Indoservice was established in 2019 and helps clients who want to expand or establish a business in Indonesia. We have been providing services to several local and multinational companies.


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