Before you establish a company in Indonesia, you might need to learn about Indonesia’s market trends and regulations. Our professional consultant will help you to plan your company establishment which aligned with current Indonesian regulations.

Foreign Investment Company

Foreign Investment Company is known as PT PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) in Indonesia is defined as a limited liability company which established under Indonesian Law No. 40/2007 regarding Company Law and Indonesian Law No. 25/2007 regarding Investment.

Representative Office

Foreign investors could set up a Representative Office in Indonesia to study the market for maximum period of 5 years which incorporated by an overseas company / parent company to represent in Indonesia before developing a foreign investment companies in Indonesia. Foreign Representative Office are prohibited from directly engaging in operational activities, signing contracts, issuing official offices, receiving payments from its clients, and directly engaging any other profit generating activities.

Domestic Direct Investment Company (PMDN / PT Lokal)

A foreigner can start doing business in Indonesia as a local citizen or a foreign investor under a local nominee arrangement as this kind of company allows only 100% local ownership. On the contrary to other legal entities, a local company is not a subject to such strict requirements and limits.


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