PT Lokal


PT Lokal is a Limited Liabilty Company that 100% owned by a local Indonesian. PT Local is divided into 3 business scales: Small, Medium, and Large Scale.

Company Name Checking

Deed of Establishment and Article of Association

Ministry of Law and Human Rights Approval

Corporate Tax ID (NPWP) and Business Identification Number (NIB) Issuance

 Social Security Program (BPJS) Registration

VAT Registration (if needed)

PT Lokal/PMDN is a Limited Liabilty Company that 100% owned by a local Indonesian. PT Lokal is divided into 3 business scales: Small Scale, Medium Scale, and Large Scale, each scale has a different capital. It is possible for a foreign investor to invest in PT Lokal under a commercial agreement.

Small Scale

Minimum paid up capital IDR 51.000.000,- up to IDR 501.000.000,-

Medium Scale

Minimum paid up capital IDR 501.000.000,- up to,-

Large Scale

Paid up capital should be above IDR,-


Minimum 2 shareholders, must be Indonesian


CV or Commanditaire Vennootschap is a business entity that similar with PT Lokal. CV must be 100% owned by a local Indonesian company but there is no authorized capital is determined. The most basic difference between PT and CV is that in CV there is no separation of personal and company assets.

Union (Koperasi)

A union is a business entity consisting of individuals or legal entities of unions running its activities based on the principles of union as well as people’s economy movement based on the principle of kinship. Union’s main objective is advancing the welfare of its members in particular and society in general as well as helping to build the national economic order in order to realize a developed, just and prosperous society based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. It is only open for Indonesian and closed for foreign investors.


Association is a group of people that established to realize the common goals and objectives in the social, religious and humanitarian fields and not to share profits with its members. It’s open both for Indonesian and foreign investors.

Foundation (Yayasan)

Foundation is legal entity consisting of assets separated and allocated to achieve certain social, religious and humanitarian goals, which are not have members. Foundation can establish business entities or investments in various forms of business that are prospective with the provision that all such investments must be at most 25% of the entire value of the foundation’s wealth with a record of its activities in accordance with the aims and objectives of the foundation. It’s open for Indonesian and foreign investors, but for foreign, the foundation must consists a local Indonesian as one of the Board of Directors.


Company Dissolution and Acquisition

PT PMA and PT Local can be dissoluted once company assets and debts between the shareholders are resolved. The dissolvement needs to pass through some process from General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS) preparation, liquidation, until dissolution or acquisition deed. Contact us for more information.


Incorporation in Other Countries

We offer corporate secretarial assistance in Singapore and Vietnam from incorporation, accounting, taxation, and visa services.


Indoservice was established in 2015 and helps clients who want to expand or establish a business in Indonesia. We have been providing services to several local and multinational companies.


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