Representative Office


Helping you for establishing KPPA and KP3A representative office in Indonesia. Representative Office is established for a foreign company that expands the business in Indonesia but the activities are limited.

Representative Office in Indonesia

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Representative Office (KP3A / KPPA)


Based on Chief of Representative Office appointment period.


•   KP3A License / SIUP3A
•   Tax Card / NPWP
•   NIB / Business Identification Number


1 week.


•   To prepare the establishment of PT PMA of the Company in Indonesia (market testing, research, feasibility study, etc).
•   To handle the Company’s interests in Indonesia (as an advisor, controller, liaison).


•   Legalized Incorporation documents of the parent company.
•   Office Location (Virtual Office / Physical Office), depends on the business classification.
•   Chief of Representative Office should be appointed, not from Board of Directors of the parent company.


•   Earn profit
•   Sales transaction
•   Tender participation
•   Sign sales contract
•   Finalizing claim
•   And other related activities

We, Indoservice, as a dedicated incorporation agent, can assist you to establish a legal entity such as PT PMA, PT Lokal (PMDN), or Representative Indonesia in Indonesia. Contact us for further information on +62877-1449-8500 or email

Incorporation Others



PT PMA is a Foreign-Owned Limited Liability company. The establishment of PT PMA (Foreign Investment Company) depends on the business activity.

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PT Lokal

PT Lokal (PMDN)

PT Lokal is a Limited Liabilty Company that 100% owned by a local Indonesian. PT Local is divided into 3 business scales: UMKM, Small, Medium, and Large Scale.

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Governmental Organization

Non-governmental Organization

Non-governmental Organization or NGO is an organization that has the goal of serving the general public without profiting from any activities carried out.

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