Stay in Indonesia


How to Get a Stay Permit

Indonesian has several permits for foreigners who want to stay in Indonesia, either for business purpose or leisure. Indoservice will guide you to know which permit is suitable for you.

Visa Indonesia

A type of visa in Indonesian depends on the purpose of your visit either for seminar, meeting, exhibition, training, business discussion, social or family visit, and travelling, which allows you to enter and leave Indonesian.

Work and Stay Permit

It is undeniable if Indonesian still needs foreigners to work here. Some skills from them can help locals to understand and operate new technologies. But foreigners who work in Indonesian is required to have this “transfer of knowledge” to local workers and have to follow Indonesian Law before they start to work legally in Indonesian.


Indoservice was established in 2015 and helps clients who want to expand or establish a business in Indonesia. We have been providing services to several local and multinational companies.


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