Indoservice was established in 2015 and helps clients who want to expand or establish a business in Indonesia. We have been providing services to several local and multinational companies.

Assisted by our professional team, who are years-experienced on functional practices such as legal, tax and accounting, recruitment, product registration, business license and working permits. Your business in Indonesia which start from just a plan could transform into a reality.

Our knowledge in development, regulations, and market trends, in multiple industries, leads us to develop a customized strategy. Alongside clients, we give solutions for every ever-changing regulation in Indonesia.

As we are guided by our values, we commit to always put our clients, our people and our communities first.


Professional Team

Our team has expertise in multiple sectors and experience in their fields for years.


We value our clients trust to build a long-term relationship.

Customer Focus

Customer-oriented solutions.

Very Competitive Rates

Better rates, better quality.


Indoservice will assist you in setting up your company in Indonesia and provide you a full-service support from pre-establishment stage until post-establishment stage based on the applicable Indonesian Law.


Indonesia has several permits for foreigners who want to stay in Indonesia, either for business purpose or leisure. Indoservice will guide you to know which permit is suitable for you.


Indoservice search and provide not only suitable high-caliber talents who are best in their skills but also excellent in attitude and credibility. We will give you free advertisement, only at our selected media.

How to Get Married with Indonesian as a Foreigner

How to Get Married with Indonesian as a Foreigner

How to Get Married with Indonesian as Foreigner - Generally in Indonesia, the marriage cannot be in different religion, either one of them needs to convert to the partner’s religion so they can move forward to the marriage process. To get married with an Indonesian as a...

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How Indonesia Payroll Works?

How Indonesia Payroll Works?

How Indonesia Payroll Works? - When the company is growing, hiring employees might be needed to streamline the business process. As an employer, knowing how to manage payroll for your employees is important since it isn’t nearly as simple as just paying salaries. In...

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