Omnibus Law for Better Investment – All countries are competing to attract investment, including Indonesia by creating an Omnibus Law to simplify convoluted and overlapping rules.

There are 79 laws in Omnibus Law, with 1,244 articles. Simplifying and harmonizing laws is not an easy task, so it cannot be relied only on the government and parliament. Public participation to provide targeted input is needed.

Economist Fakhrul Fulvian welcomed positively the presence of the Omnibus Law on the Draft Employment Bill (Cipta Kerja Bill) which is currently being discussed between the government and the Indonesian Parliament.

Omibus Law Indonesia

According to him, the presence of the Omnibus Law will affect Indonesia’s investment climate conditions in a better direction. However, the government must not forget the global economic conditions. “The requirement for this Omnibus Law to run well is if economic conditions are also going well,” he said in Jakarta, Friday (03/06/2020).

In addition, the Omnibus Law is considered to be present to create jobs and ensure the rights and welfare of workers are achieved. Because, the estuary of an investment is basically to absorb the available labor that will be able to prosper the community.

To that end, the government, employers, and trade unions should sit together to discuss a number of matters relating to workers in the regulation. 

One of the keys to nation’s growth is investment, so it cannot be that Indonesia, like yesterday, is too burdened with a rigid democracy. One of the breakthroughs is with Omnibus Law.


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