OSS 1.1 is Officially Launched – The government continues to boost efforts to simplify investment licensing. Identification of problems in the regions that are considered to hamper investment over the past year has been completed. This can be seen in the Online Single Submission (OSS) which has been updated to version OSS 1.1.

After more than a year of OSS implementation, there are still many parties who think that this system still has shortcomings in practice. Therefore, the government continues to improve the OSS system for the sake of creating a better investment climate. One of them is with the plan to implement OSS Version 1.1, which will start actively replacing OSS Version 1.0 on November 4, 2019 at 00.00 WIB.

Some differences for example in the mechanism of recording business fields, if previously used 2-digit KBLI, in version 1.1 using 5-digit KBLI. One other advantage is that if there is an error inputting the data input, as long as the data inputted is non-deed data then there is no need to go through the rollback mechanism or repeat from the beginning, just use the edit feature that will immediately correct the wrong data.

OSS Indonesia

Other facilities include additional features such as issuance of licenses for water locations, additional types of representation, namely Foreign Company Representative Offices (KPPA) previously not managed through OSS, addition of revocation methods, addition of branch office options and Investment Activity Report features (LKPM).



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