Potentially Growing Businesses During New Normal Era – The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed economic and political policies in Indonesia and even the world. Likewise with the perspectives, attitudes and behavior of people who have also changed. Indonesia is now preparing to welcome the New Normal phase in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which has infected millions of people in the world.

The government has instructed that this new normality phase can be well prepared. The intention of the Government to apply New Normal Life is so that the economy can run even though covid-19 vaccine or drug has not been found. In this era, people will be asked to continue to improve discipline in implementing health protocols before entering into a new normal lifestyle in the midst of this pandemic.

What is New Normal?

What is New Normal

New Normal is an era where people have started to be creative again normally by implementing new habit adaptations. Economic activity is reopened along with behavioral changes, which are carrying out activities normally but by implementing health protocols to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

The change in people’s behavior in the New Normal era, actually opens new business opportunities. Especially if you as a new business owner or you who has just reopened your business after a long hiatus, can be keen to see this opportunity.

The following business ideas might potentially rising during the New Normal Era so that the economy can recover:

1. Health Products Services

Health Product Services

The spread of the coronavirus is very massive throughout the world causing people to pay more attention to health issues. They will tend to live more hygienic, and sterile in order to avoid the risk of exposure to viruses or disease. In addition, they will tend to consume products that are good for health. In the Digital and New Normal Era, online health services are most needed by the people. Services through the application can be done quickly and easily. All health issues can be answered quickly by the doctor online. During physical distancing, online health services help the community in meeting medical needs during this pandemic. It is estimated that this kind of business will grow rapidly because of its simplicity.

2. Local Tourism

Local Tourism

The tourism sector was one of those that was significantly affected during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Difficult to travel abroad makes people postpone their plans to travel. Although slowly, there is good news for the gradual opening of various local attractions so the tourists can choose local destinations. This situation can be beneficial for tourism entrepreneurs such as travel agents, hotels, and others to start developing market strategies when the new normal has been adopted. This can be done by increasing domestic holiday deals and promoting new places yet unknown for many people. This opportunity can also be utilized by new entrepreneurs engaged in tourism.

3. Herbal Food, Beverage and Beauty Products

Herbal Food

Many people avoid going to entertainment venues such as malls, restaurants or beauty clinics during Covid-19. Eventually some of them decided to make an independent business to earn income when the pandemic covid-19. In this difficult time, people began to experiment in their own way. This condition could be an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to sell products needed by the community in the form of packaging. But keep in mind the products sold must be registered with the BPOM (Food and Drug Monitoring Agency).

4. Shipping/Forwarding Services

Shipping Services

The spread of the virus makes people choose to bring their food home or ask for their online purchases to be delivered. Many retail products have begun to change their services to delivery based. This has led to a predicted increase in the performance of the logistics service delivery business. The change in shopping behavior is predicted to last a long time even though the coronavirus pandemic is over because it makes consumers comfortable. In the end, the freight forwarding business experienced an increase in demand. Not to mention the growth of e-commerce business that will automatically have a positive impact on the shipping or forwarding business. The more goods purchased online, the shipping or forwarding service will certainly be increasingly needed by producers and consumers.



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