Facility Management & Maintenance Outsourcing Quoting from Wikipedia. Buildings are man-made structures consisting of walls and roofs that are permanently erected in a place. Buildings are also commonly referred to as houses and buildings, i.e: all facilities, infrastructure or infrastructure in culture or human life in building their civilization. Buildings come in various shapes, sizes and functions, and have undergone adjustments throughout history due to several factors, such as building materials, weather conditions, prices, land conditions, and aesthetic reasons.

Buildings have several functions for human life, especially as a place of refuge from the weather, security, shelter, privacy, a place to store goods, and a place to work. A building cannot be separated from human life, especially as a means of providing a sense of security and comfort.

In today’s fast-paced business world, management teams are under pressure to take predictive and preventive actions to keep the business running as effectively and efficiently as possible. For this reason, it is not uncommon for businesses to outsource facility maintenance tasks and processes. Facility management has evolved from being considered little more than “cleaning services” to become a fully functional independent discipline covering a wide range of services such as Cleaning, Gardening (pest control), Security, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, and other environmental services.

That’s why companies and institutions should consider outsourcing their maintenance and repair work. This can result in significant savings while increasing efficiency, innovation and safety. In addition, outsourcing of facility services enables organizations to focus more fully on their core business and enables them to better maintain their competitive advantage.

The Reasons why use Outsourcing Facility Services?

The Reasons why use Outsourcing Facility Services

1. Ability to reduce operating costs (employees, time and money).

A common reason companies outsource facility services is to cut costs. Using a third party vendor in the facility services sector is the right choice. Facility services have the ability, expertise, skills and good resources in carrying out their duties.

2. Opportunity to focus on core business 

This professional support (facility services) then allows you to focus more on the core business tasks of the company. Concentrating on activities enables them to increase their efficiency at work.

3. Outsourcing Reducing the Risk

Reducing risk is not only about preventing injury and damage but also about avoiding a major disaster like a fire that could cause some serious repairs to your system. When you shift the burden of risk reduction to a trusted facility service provider, you can rest assured that they have a vested interest in ensuring all maintenance and repair service calls are made according to regulations.

4. Insurance Liabilities & Costs

Outsourcing facility services can also help reduce liability and insurance costs.

How to Choose a Facility Management Company

How to Choose a Facility Management Company

1. Tools and equipment

You should ask about the type of tools and equipment the company has. It is important to know whether the company has the latest tools or is still dependent on manual work. Machines are essential for getting jobs done faster and in a neat and precise manner.

2. Range of services

It is not easy to find and maintain contracts with multiple companies for a variety of tasks. So choose one company, which can provide a list of services. Nowadays, the facility management area is continuously increasing and you can get all the work done by one company.

3. Contract

Almost all companies have an annual contract facility. It’s less of a headache to pay every year than looking for a company all the time and paying for everyday tasks.

4. Company business

When it comes to facilities management, company size does matter. Larger companies may prove expensive, but their large scale can help you get better service in terms of personnel availability, quality of work, etc. Depending on your needs, you can choose a smaller company too if the requirements don’t match. more. Their annual contracts are cheaper than big giant companies and you can also interact one on one for your problems.

5. Recommendations for your facility

Invite company personnel to inspect your facility and listen to their recommendations. You can easily tell if they are giving sincere advice or are just trying to get some business. While everyone else will do the latter, the mix of the former will mean a lot.

6. Compare

Contact more than one company and compare them based on various reasons such as number of amenities, annual fees, availability of equipment and workers, response time, etc. And then finish one.

Our Facility Management Services are as follows:

+  Access Control System
+  Air Conditioning Service
+  Commercial Cleaning (Cleaning Service)
+  Commercial Pest Control (Gardening)
+  Electrical Inspection and Testing
+  Facility Management Helpdesk
+  Security Service
+  Installation Mechanical, Electrical & Maintenance Mechanical, Electrical
+  Employment
+  Waste Management Services
+  Doorman & Bellboy
+  Coffee or Tea Break Service
+  Etc.


All the explanations mentioned above have comprehensive benefits in adding value to your company. Rather than exposing your business to risk, you should consider outsourcing facility services to an accredited facility management service provider. In fact, taking the hassle out of operating the facility can simplify your entire workflow.

Indoservice is a leading provider of facilities management services nationwide. As one of the fastest growing facility management companies in Indonesia. With the support of adequate tools / equipment in the cleaning and maintenance process and having experience in various market sectors. We can be relied on by companies to support reducing building operating costs.

At Indoservice, we help maintenance and facility management professionals generate a solid basis for planning their building operating costs.

Therefore we offer Facility Management Outsourcing services. Our Outsourcing Service can help you. The dedicated team can help you very well in fulfilling your needs for cleanliness, building maintenance or any other aspect. Contact us at email: admin@indoservice.co.id  and Telp./Whatsapp + +62818-1881-1887 for more information and special offers.


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