Outsourcing Recruitment Process can Help Business In employment, outsourcing is not a foreign term for us. Not a few companies that implement this system in meeting the needs of the workforce.

The outsourcing recruitment process (RPO), itself involves many parties. The outsourcing recruitment process is most often used by medium and large companies and is also a popular choice for entrepreneurs who need talent acquisition in a particular or specialized or technical field.

RPO can help in finding the needed candidates and bring different perspectives, skills and attention to the needs of an organization/company. Based on the opening summary above, let’s see how the outsourcing recruitment process works and what methods or models are commonly used etc.

What is the Outsourcing Recruitment Process?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when a company outsources all or part of its recruitment process to a recruitment service provider company. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service providers can provide a staff or employee, who has the level of ability, skill and expertise required by a company.

How does Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Work?

You can choose to use some or all of the services proposed by RPO, but their most common way is based on the needs of its clients.

Following are some of the models:

End-to-end Model

In this model, the service provider is fully responsible for the recruitment process that occurs, starting from the process of distributing job vacancies, the interview process, to closing vacancies. In addition, the way the recruitment process works can focus on one particular department or business process.

This one model has become the most popular among the others, because of the impact in terms of scalability, talent pool, and cost reduction that are both effective and efficient.

Shortlisting Model

In this model, the RPO service provider only focuses on the candidate selection process by providing a list of candidates who best meet the requirements and needs of all positions. However, the selection process or final decision remains in the hands of the client, not the RPO service provider.

Generally, this one model is chosen by companies that have HR Business Partners (HRBP). HRBP itself has a role and is responsible for the recruitment process carried out by companies and external services.

Project Based Model

The last model is a recruitment process that involves the talent acquisition team for a certain period of time to handle recruitment needs that have a special nature, such as the launch of a new project or product, unexpected recruitment, and other sudden things.

Advantages of using the Outsourcing Process Recruitment (RPO)?

  1. Reducing Recruitment Costs;
  2. Shorten Recruitment Time;
  3. Opening Access to Wider Recruitment Channels;
  4. Improve Recruitment Quality;
  5. Increase Scalability to Respond to Enterprise Needs;
  6. Report Transparency;

Disadvantages of using Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

  1. Shorter worker contracts;
  2. Company information and data are often leaked;
  3. It is easy to lose skilled workers;
  4. Has a high dependence on service providers;

Outsourcing Work System

According to Article 64 of the Manpower Law, a company may hand over a part of the work implementation to another company through a written contract of work or worker/labor service provider. This outsourcing employee employment agreement uses a contract system which according to Article 56 of the Manpower Act is divided into 2, namely a Specific Time Work Agreement or PKWT and an Indefinite Work Agreement or PKWTT.

The following reads Article 56 of the Manpower Law:

> Employment agreements are made for a certain time or for an indefinite period of time.
> The work agreement for a certain time as referred to in paragraph (1) is based on: a period of time; or the completion of a particular job.

What Technologies are used in RPO?

  1. ATS (Applicant Tracking System);
  2. CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) Tools;
  3. Dedicated career site;
  4. Internal talent community platform;

How to Choose an Outsourcing Recruitment Process (RPO) Provider?

Internal Audit

Companies need to take an in-depth look at their recruitment process, in order to be able to properly assess what works and what doesn’t. It is important to understand how RPO can support a company’s talent strategy. Conducting an internal audit can help you inform decisions about the most suitable RPO provider for your company, so there are no mistakes.

Narrow Search

It is advisable for companies to narrow their search and identify possible, two or three RPO companies that might fit your criteria and needs.

Track Record

Companies need to look at the type of RPO provider company that has worked with or assisted in fulfilling their recruitment needs. A successful RPO company does not mind if it takes a check on the track record of providing case studies, thus giving the company an opportunity to assess the quality and success of the RPO provider company.

Company Culture

Considerations are very important and needed in the selection process. How well the RPO provider understands our company ethos and culture. The more aligned or similar/similar to the company’s core values, the more suitable/or more able to be an option for companies that need outsourcing recruitment services.


Outsourcing Recruitment is an activity to outsource Human Resources (HR) work to third parties. The practice of Outsourcing Recruitment itself is suitable for use, if the company cannot handle the workers/staffing. By outsourcing, the recruitment process and employment contract will be arranged by the outsourcing company so that it will be easier for you.

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Outsourcing Recruitment Process can Help Business
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Outsourcing Recruitment Process can Help Business
The outsourcing recruitment process is most often used by medium and large companies and is also a popular choice for entrepreneurs.
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