Registering Tax Card (NPWP) at 4 State Owned Banks The Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) cooperates with the Association of State Owned Banks (Himbara) related to the registration and validation of taxpayer identification numbers (NPWP) electronically. E-Registration and validation of NPWP can be done at Bank Mandiri, BRI, BTN and BNI. Cooperation regarding registration and validation of NPWP is very important to support government programs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Related to the launch, the DGT delivered an official statement through Press Release No. SP-31/2020. In the press release, the tax authority hopes that this cooperation can continue with more solidity and mutual benefit. Starting August 17, 2020, banks will be able to validate and register their NPWP customers or prospective customers online through a tax application service provider system.

The integration of these services is expected to simplify the administrative process for the community, especially those who do not yet have a TIN. Because, in the process of opening a bank account or applying for credit, TIN is one of the requirements needed.

With this cooperation, bank debtors, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) will more easily access government facilities such as interest subsidies and tax incentives. This is because NPWP becomes a condition for utilizing facilities.

4 State Owned Banks

One of the conditions for MSME debtors to receive interest subsidies or incentives is to have a TIN. So, this system is entrusted in the banking sector, so there is no need to come to the tax office to arrange a TIN.

For the general public, this cooperation is expected to improve the quality of DGT services. It is also expected that taxation applications in the form of NPWP registration for customers and prospective customers in banking institutions can become permanent business processes run by banks.

Thus, the NPWP becomes an effective tool in administering the entire population of Indonesia in the taxation system. This NPWP is not only used by DGT, but also banking.

In addition to increasing the ease of administration for customers, the NPWP validation feature can improve the quality of Know Your Customer procedures for banks. This is because the validation of the customer’s NPWP data or prospective customers no longer depends on the physical NPWP card but is done directly to the DGT system.

The NPWP e-registration and validation applications are now available in four state owned banks. Bank Mandiri provides an application called ‘Mandiri Pajakku’ which can be accessed by customers. Meanwhile, BRI provides tax services through BRI internet banking and enters the NPWP registration service.

Furthermore, BTN provides an Online Tax Portal that customers can use at customer service at each BTN branch office. Meanwhile, BNI provides a web-based application called BNI ASP.



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