The Importance of Using EFIN – Various facilities are given in the tax reporting process. One of them is using the Electronic Filing system or Tax e-Filing. Annual Tax Reporting (SPT) online is made so people don’t need to queue for the tax reporting process. The taxpayers only come to the Tax Office once to get an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). After that, they can report and pay the tax online. However, you must follow the conditions the deadline for tax reporting that has been determined.

Electronic Filing Identification Nmber is an identification number issued by the Directorate General of Tax (DJP) to taxpayers to conduct e-Filing tax. EFIN is used as one of the authentication tools for each e-Filing SPT transaction which can be encrypted so that confidentiality is guaranteed.

Some of the benefits of EFIN activation include:

  • Taxpayers can access the online tax system and report the annual tax return without the need to queue at the Tax Office.
  • EFIN guarantees the confidentiality of data that you enter into the online tax system.
  • By reporting taxes online, the data is recorded in the tax system. So for the next year’s tax report, there is no need to fill in the form anymore.


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