Two Citizenships for Mixed Child (Affidavit) – It’s quite many to find a local Indonesian who gets married to a foreigner in Indonesia. When they got married and preferred to live here instead of in the spouse’s country, then the parents can register their kid to have 2 citizenships for the kid, Indonesian and the spouse’s citizenship. It’s also to make the family easier to go back and forth to go outside of the country and back to Indonesia without any hassle.

To get the kid 2 citizenship, the parents need to register him to each country’s immigration office before he is 21 years old. When the kid reaches 21 years old, the kid needs to decide of which country he wants to be part of. For example, if he prefers to have U.S citizenship, the parent or the kid himself needs to go to Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to cancel the Indonesian passport first then they can apply for U.S citizenship. On the other hand, if the kid wants to go back to Indonesia, the Indonesian visa will be applied for him.

For the parents, registering their kids to get 2 citizenship in Indonesia, the parents must have an official marriage certificate or if the marriage is held after the kid is born, usually the birth certificate will show the mother’s name only, then the kid needs to be registered in the foreign passport first based on the parent’s country. If the kid already has a foreign passport, the parent can go to the local immigration to report that they want to apply an Affidavit for the kid. 


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