How to Get Married with Indonesian as Foreigner  Generally in Indonesia, the marriage cannot be in different religion, either one of them needs to convert to the partner’s religion so they can move forward to the marriage process. To get married with an Indonesian as a foreigner, actually you have to pass through several steps and fulfill several documents.

The documents that need to be submitted to the local Office of Religious Affairs before a foreigner gets married with an Indonesian in Indonesia are;

  1. Permit letter from the parents
  2. Police Certificate of Good Conduct (SKCK)
  3. Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) or Statement Letter of never been married and for the ones who have been divorced, just attach the latest decree
  4. Cover Letter from RT/RW based on the Indonesian ID card domicile
  5. Cover Letter from the District Head as of the N1, N2, and N4 forms
  6. A soft copy of ID Card, Family Card, parents ID Card, and 3 copies of pass photo.
  7. Approved visa to the country of destination
  8. A soft copy of Passport of the foreign partner
  9. A translated birth certificate of foreign partner

But if you plan to get married in your partner’s country, the requirements are different in each country, but after you got a marriage certificate there, you must register your marriage in the Local Civil Registration Agency based on your Indonesian’s spouse ID Card domicile by bringing;

  1. A legalized and translated marriage certificate
  2. A marriage statement letter from Indonesia Embassy in your spouse’s country
  3. A soft copy of birth certificate from the wife and husband
  4. A soft copy of ID Card and Family Card
  5. A soft copy of the spouse’s passport
  6. 3 copies of couple pass photo

Then after the marriage is registered in the Civil Registration Agency, the foreign spouse can apply for a KITAS sponsored by the spouse and can live in Indonesia for 1 year. But if the foreigner already had KITAS and the marriage has lasted for 2 years or more, the foreigner can directly apply for Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

The procedures might be a little bit complicated, but Indoservice can make it simple by sending us your inquiry to or WhatsApp us to +6281818811887.

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