Worry-free Without Letter Of Domicile – Talking about Letter of Domicile for your company establishment license, our local government updated the regulation that now, we don’t need to use Letter of Domicile or Surat Keterangan Domisili, both for Surat Keterangan Domisili Usaha (SKDU) and Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan (SKDP) anymore.

Yes, based on the “Keputusan Kepala Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu Provinsi Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta No. 25 Tahun 2019”, they decided to stop the non-license service of Surat Keterangan Domisili Usaha (SKDU) and Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan (SKDP), which already applied since 2 May 2019.

Now we don’t need to be hassled to wait until our Letter of Domicile is completed so we can process our company establishment in Indonesia. Just show your building lease agreement and a domicile letter from your building, voila! You are ready to have a business entity here!

Re-Register your company using the new Indonesia standard industrial classification (KBLI) now!

Register Company in Indonesia

If you still have your business or legal entity which is outdated and has not updated the business classification based on the newest Indonesia Standard Industrial Classification (KBLI) and Single Business Number (NIB), re-register your entity now!

Because based on the decision from AHU Directorate General, if the end of this August 2019, you have not updated the KBLI yet, your entity name will automatically freeze and you cannot use your old entity name anymore.

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