Apostille Document Certificate to use Abroad Launching from the page https://bali.kemenkumham.go.id/berita-kanwil/berita-utama/4481-luncurkan-layanan-apostille-kemenkumham-pangkas-proses-legalisasi-dokumen. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) through the Directorate General of General Legal Administration (Ditjen AHU) improves the quality of public services by initiating the simplification of the legalization process for foreign public documents through the presence of the Apostille service.

The presence of the Apostille Service is able to cut the bureaucratic chain of document legalization into one step.

Below we present information about the Apostille document.

What is Apostille?

Apostille Document

Apostille is the ratification of official signatures, ratification of stamps, and or official seals in a public document through matching with specimens through one agency, one of which is the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as the Competent Authority or the competent authority.

List of Apostille services public documents

Supreme Court

>  Copy of Court Decision which has permanent legal force
>  Copy of Court Decision
>  Divorce Certificate

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Certificate of Sports Personnel (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees, etc.)

Ministry of Religion

  1. Marriage Book
  2. Halal Certificate
  3. Grant Deed
  4. Deed of Waqf
  5. Certificate of State Religious University (PTKN)
  6. State Aliyah Madrasah Diploma (MAN)
  7. State Sanawiah Madrasah Diploma (MTs)
  8. Diploma of Madrasah Ibtidaian State (MIN)
  9. Transcript of State Religious College (PTKN)
  10. Transcript of State Aliah Values ​​(MAN)
  11. Transcript of State Islamic Madrasah Values
  12. Transcript of State Islamic State (MIN) Madrasah Values
  13. Translation

Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology

  1. Diploma
  2. Transcript
  3. Course Institute Certificate
  4. Professional Certificate
  5. Certificate of Competence
  6. Educator Certificate
  7. Professional Allowance Decree (SKTP)
  8. Education and Training Graduation Certificate (STTPL) issued by the Center for Development and Empowerment of Educators and Education Personnel (PPPPTK)/Institution for Development and Empowerment of Principals (LPPKS)/Institution for Development and Empowerment of Educators and Education Personnel (LPPPTK)
  9. Principal’s Unique Number Document (NUKS)
  10. Document School Registration Number (NRG)
  11. Certificate of Participating in Training
  12. Certificate of Appreciation as a Teacher/Principal of Formal and Non-formal Achievement
  13. Certificate of Determination of Cultural Conservation
  14. Intangible Cultural Heritage Designation Certificate
  15. Other educational documents
  16. Other cultural documents

Indonesian National Police

  1. International Driver’s License
  2. Certificate of Good Conduct (SKCK)
  3. Police Report

Ministry of Defense

  1. National Defense Certificate
  2. Defense University Diploma

Ministry of Internal Affairs

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Divorce Certificate
  5. Child Recognition Certificate
  6. Child Legalization Certificate

Ministry of Social Affairs

  1. Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs concerning the Granting of Child Adoption Permits.
  2. Social Worker Competency Certificate (A letter of legal acknowledgment of the competence and professionalism of Social Workers to be able to practice after passing the competency test).
  3. Certificate of Competency of Social Instructor (Letter of legal acknowledgment of competence and professionalism of Social Instructor).
  4. Diplomas and transcripts issued by the Social Welfare Polytechnic (Poltekkesos).

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency

  1. Tourism Polytechnic Diploma
  2. Transcript of Tourism Polytechnic Values
  3. Certificate of Companion for Tourism Polytechnic Diploma
  4. Tourism Polytechnic Competency Certificate
  5. Tourism Polytechnic Accreditation Certificate

National Agency for Professional Certification

  1. Certificate of Competence
  2. Competency Assessor Certificate
  3. Competency Assessor Master Certificate
  4. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  5. Cooperation Agreement (PKS)

Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Defense Agency

  1. Certificate issued by the National Land College
  2. Transcripts issued by the National Land College
  3. Training Certificate issued by the National Land College


  1. Notary documents
  2. Sworn translator document
  3. Documents issued by Ministry of Law and Human Right officials

Countries for Apostille

Which countries accept the Apostille?

Albanian Liberia
Andorra Liechtenstein
Antigua and Barbuda Lithuania
Argentina Luxembourg
Armenia Malawi
Australia Malta
Austria Marshall Island
Azerbaijan Mauritius
Bahamas Mexico
Bahrain Monaco
Barbados Mongolia
Belarus Montenegro
Belgium Morocco
Belize Namibia
Bolivia Netherlands
Bosnia and Herzegovina New Zealand
Botswana Nicaragua
Brazil Niue
Brunei Darussalam North Macedonia
Bulgaria Norway
Burundi Oman
Cabo Verde Palau
Chile Panama
China Paraguay
Colombia Peru
Cook Island Philippines
Costa Rica Poland
Croatia Portugal
Cyprus Republic of Korea
Czech Republic Republic of Moldova
Denmark Romania
Dominica Russia
Dominican Republic Saint Kitts and Nevis
Ecuador Saint Lucia
El Salvador Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Estonia Samoa
Eswatini San Marino
Fiji Sao Tome and Principe
Finland Saudi Arabia
France Serbia
Georgia Seychelles
Germany Singapore
Greece Slovakia
Grenada Slovenia
Guatemala South Africa
Guyana Spain
Honduras Suriname
Hungary Sweden
Iceland Switzerland
India Tajikistan
Indonesia Tonga
Ireland Trinidad and Tobago
Israel Tunisia
Italy Turkey
Jamaica Ukraine
Japan United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Kazakhstan United States of America
Kosovo Uruguay
Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan
Latvia Vanuatu
Lesotho Venezuela

Procedure Apostille document

  1. Ensure that the document meets the requirements to go through the Apostille process and the destination country has ratified the Apostille Convention. That is to ensure that the documents to be in the Apostille, whether or not need to be legalized first with the relevant institutions and also a local notary.
  2. Register an account on the website of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights which provides Apostille services https://apostille.ahu.go.id/, fill in : NIK (required), Population Identification Number (KTP or Passport), Full Name (required), Email (required), Email Confirmation (required), Mobile Number (required).
    >  After everything is filled in, click ”Register Now” and wait for the verification email to be sent via the registered email. After getting a further verification email, click verify and log in.
  3. Log in to the account (Log in).
  4. Click on the application list and make a request.
  5. Click/select the document to be legalized.
  6. Click/select Destination Country.
  7. Fill in the applicant’s data (by yourself or authorized).
  8. Fill in the document data and upload the document to be Apostille.
  9. Fill in the data of the public official who signed the document.
  10. Click save and continue the process.
  11. After the clicking process, the next step is verification. Whether the application is approved or not. If approved, a billing code (PNBP) is issued.
  12. Make payment for the billing code and send proof of payment to the staff of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  13. Collecting the Apostille certificate at the office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights that has been selected/appointed for the pick-up location.
  14. The Apostille process is complete. In contrast to legalization, documents that have obtained an Apostille certificate do not need to go through the legalization process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of the destination country. Apostille can be used directly to the destination country.

How much does Apostille cost?

Apostille legalization is subject to a tariff of Rp. 150.000,- which applies as PNBP.

How long does the Apostille process take?

Process 3-5 working days or more depending on the queue.

This the information about Apostille. If you need further information about Apostille, Let’s contact Indoservice.

Indoservice provides legalization and fast Apostille services for your documents for use abroad. Our services are designed to efficiently and effectively handle your requests, from pricing to processing and we will even keep you informed of important regulatory and policy changes for future requests.

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    Apostille Document Certificate to use Abroad
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    Apostille Document Certificate to use Abroad
    Apostille is the ratification of official signatures, ratification of stamps, and or official seals in a public document through matching.
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