Best Solution for Dealing with Recruiting – Interviews are important when recruiting new employees. Why? Because for most companies, face-to-face job interviews can help in supporting the company more effectively. Understanding the interview and recognizing the key components of a successful interview can help employers find the right candidate.

Human resources professionals can assist your company in hiring effective employees as well, which reflects a positive attitude and can help move the company forward.

In this article, we explain why interviews are such an important part of the recruitment process.

What is an interview?

Interviews are an important step in the employee selection process. If conducted effectively, the interview allows the employer to determine whether the applicant’s skills, experience, and personality meet the job requirements. In this stage, usually job applicants will be met by department representatives, namely: HRD (Human Resource Development). However, there were also interviews conducted with the direct leading directors. All the rules regarding interviewers in companies differ from one another depending on the work culture adopted in it.

Why are interviews an important part of the recruitment process?

  1. Evaluate a candidate’s work experience
  2. Introduce a candidate to the company
  3. Assess a candidate’s hard and soft skills
  4. Discover the most qualified candidates
  5. Define the position and company expectations

Type of interview

Interview Traditional (One-on-One)

One-on-one interviews are specifically designed to evaluate the candidate’s attitudes, behavioral traits and potential compatibility within a team or with a particular person. As a form of qualitative research, one-on-one interviews are most effective when conducted by someone who will work directly with the candidate, and, ideally, when applying strategic interview questions.

Interview group

Group interview refers to a type of interview in which more than two people are involved. This can mean that a number of candidates are interviewed together at the same time (known as a candidate group interview) or one candidate is interviewed by more representatives of different departments at the same time (known as a group panel interview).

Interview job fairs 

Is an exhibition or job fair event, where a company’s recruiters will look for prospective employees who meet the requirements and criteria. Usually in this event, job seekers often bring and submit CVs and cover letters in person. Some even went straight for a walk-in interview. The chance of getting a job at a job fair may be greater than if you submitted one application at a time online.

Case study interview 

Companies use case study interviews to determine potential candidates’ creative and problem-solving abilities. They involve analyzing business cases, brainteasers and quantifying information. The best way to prepare for a case interview is to study examples and practice interviewing with friends or family. Source:

Brain teaser interview 

Brain teasers are puzzle-like questions that challenge the candidate’s problem-solving skills. They are used in job interviews to assess a candidate’s lateral and critical thinking skills as they cannot reach a solution with conventional methods. There are many types of brain teasers.

Stress interview 

The stress interview is an avenue used to put applicants under great pressure. They are meant to test your ability to think instantly, react efficiently in difficult circumstances and stay still in a pressure domain.

Methods of research interviews

  1. Personal Interviews
  2. Telephonic Type of Interviews
  3. Email or Web Page Types of Interviews or video call interview

Steps to the job interview process

  1. Screening interviews
  2. Phone screen interviews
  3. First in-person interview
  4. Competency interview
  5. Second and third interviews
  6. Invitation to a social gathering
  7. Final interview
  8. Background check
  9. Job offers


Determining what type of interview is best for prospective candidate data collection is something that needs attention. Summarizing discussions with applicants during interviews will be one of the things that can help employers in sorting out candidates. By knowing the information needed, a decision can be made.

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