Disturbance Permit is Still Needed or Not? – The Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs issued Circular Letter No. 503/6491/SJ about the removal of Disturbance Permit (HO) which signed by the Home Affairs Minister, Thahjo Kumolo. This Circular Letter is issued in purpose to increase labor in the region, so this Dsturbance Permit or Certificate of Business Domicile will not be needed as the requirements to establish a business that produces waste disposal for example, as well as the retribution object of dsturbance permit, will not be collected anymore.

Disturbance Permit is the region permit which obliged entrepreneurs to pay retribution as a reward for the neighborhood who got disturbed by the business activity. This permit can be done through regional government, but only to the old building which registered Disturbance Permit in the first place. On the other hand, if the building is still new and doesn’t have a Disturbnce Permit yet, then the Dsturbance Permit is not a must but the neighbor consent letter is needed.

Disturbance Permit Still Needed or Not

This permit already integrated on the OSS (Online Single Submission) together with Amdal (Environmental Impact Analysis) or UKL-UPL (Monitoring Program), so the Retribution Object of Disturbance Permit is not included in the Certain Permit Retribution.

On this Circular Letter, the Minister of Home Affairs instructed the Legal Head or legal consultant to give legal assistance for the license and non-license organizer at PTSP. If you find it difficult to process your permit, kindly contact us.


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