Establishment a Company with a Virtual Office – Many people change professions to become entrepreneurs, because being an entrepreneur for a business that is run by yourself has many advantages. In addition to being able to manage everything according to your own standards and desires, having your own business can also pour ideas into a business that is being undertaken or will be planned in the future.

However, to become an entrepreneur is not as easy as imagined. There are many things to prepare, think about and take into account before starting a business or setting up a company. Such as capital, business model, and place of business or office space.

Having the right and clear office space can have a direct impact on your business, so you must first consider several factors to find the right office and according to the needs for your business. Because office space is one of the main factors in starting a business. This is because with the office space, the company is considered clear, by having the correct and complete or appropriate legality.

However, for those of you who will or are just starting to become entrepreneurs, of course having an office space is very burdensome. Apart from the cost which is quite expensive to rent an office space as well as the location. Location as a determinant, for your company’s image in the eyes of your clients.

Below we will discuss whether it is permissible for entrepreneurs to use a Virtual office for the legality of the company they founded.

What is a Virtual Office?

What is a Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a business address without the physical activity of a business or office space. Virtual office activities allow business actors to work from anywhere or from other places, for example using a laptop or mobile phone, with or without an internet connection.

Tips for Choosing a Virtual Office Service Provider


Being in the right location is a key ingredient in business success. If a company chooses the wrong location, it may have inadequate access to customer. As a result, location often plays an important role in a company’s overall profit and success.

Location strategy is a plan to find the optimal location for the company by identifying the company’s needs and objectives, and finding locations with offers that match those needs and objectives. In general, this means the company will seek to maximize opportunities while minimizing costs and risks.

Using Virtual Office is the right choice to start a business. Because there are many service offices in business districts in big cities.

Positive corporate image

When your clients find out, the building/office listed on your company’s legality is in a prominent city center, impressing them with your office.

Affordable cost

Renting office space, must be very expensive and requires commitment. With Virtual Office office services, there are various service providers that offer attractive Virtual Office packages. You can sort and choose according to your needs at an affordable price.

Virtual Office Facilities

With Virtual Office office services, business people can have a special telephone number for one company complete with call answering and diverting services, as well as use of meeting rooms or office rooms according to their needs.

With the facilities provided by the Virtual Office service provider, it can be said that this virtual office is a solution for business actors to carry out business activities that are not limited by space and time.

Support PKP Submission

Choose a Virtual Office service provider who has/can register for a PKP (Taxable Entrepreneur). The advantage is that you, as their client, can also apply for PKP at the tax office. When you apply for a PKP, your business can receive many benefits.

Is it allowed for companies to use Virtual Office offices?

Virtual Office Legal Basis

The existence of a virtual office began with the issuance of DKI Jakarta Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2014 concerning Detailed Spatial Planning and Zoning Regulations or what is known as the Zoning Regulation.

About Zoning Policy. Applicable per Zoning.

The Zoning Regulation was enacted and signed on 17 February 2014 by Governor Joko Widodo.

The purpose of the issuance of this Regional Regulation when referring to the weighing section is to control the use of space so that development can be carried out efficiently and effectively, so that the quality of space is maintained and sustainable for the welfare of the community and environmental sustainability.

How to Know Business Zoning

To find out the business zoning, see the Attachment to the Zoning Regulation which can be seen at the following link:

Regulated Use of Virtual Office

Because the Zoning Regulation is considered not to support a conducive business climate in DKI Jakarta because it is considered burdensome for novice entrepreneurs who cannot provide a proper business address, finally through the Circular Letter of the Head of DKI Jakarta BPTSP No. 6 of 2016 concerning Issuance of Certificate of Domicile and Further Permits for Virtual Office Users was issued.

Virtual Office Advantages & Disadvantages?

Virtual Office Advantages

Advantages of Virtual Offices

+ Have good branding because the virtual office address will be in the central business area;
+ Save on operational costs because there is no need to rent office buildings and provide office facilities and equipment;
+ Work flexibly. With a virtual office, you are no longer constrained by having to work in an office;
+ Work anytime. You no longer have to pay overtime fees if you want to work overtime.

Disadvantages of Virtual Offices

+ Business licenses are only granted limited;
+ Difficulty if there is a client / government who will conduct a survey of the place of business.


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Establishment a Company with a Virtual Office
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Establishment a Company with a Virtual Office
Establishment a Company with a Virtual Office is a business address without the physical activity of a business or office space.
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