How Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Startup? – Is a virtual office beneficial? The answer is yes. For startup founders who want to start a business or already have the business ongoing, but keep it on hold because of the office rental costs issue, a business zone is prohibited in the residential area, or even you want to set it up abroad but the entity must be set up in Indonesia, Virtual Office is the best solution for you!

Why is it worth the solution? Here are the benefits of a virtual office:

Virtual Office Benefit

1. More flexible to run the business

Are you still running the business that requires you to come to the office? In this millennial era, a virtual office is the best solution, let alone some of the businesses are online-based which offers you flexibility and simplicity in running the business without thinking about operational hours limitation.

2. Affordable price

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money to rent or buy an office space, maintenance costs, hire a receptionist, or trouble with the office renovation, this virtual office will offer you a lot of costs reduction because without renting the physical office, you already got a business address, building domicile letter, business telephone number, professional receptionist who will handle your calls and mails, and even you will get a free meeting room usage. If you live quite far from the office, maybe you need to rent an apartment close to the office, which with this virtual office, you don’t need to dedicate yourself to rent one.

3. Time efficiency

With a virtual office, you will save a lot of time compared if you have an office. Why? Because you don’t need to be stuck in traffic on the way to the office or load and unload stuff from your office which will be time-consuming for you or your team. There is also another solution if you need to arrange a meeting, which now can be done online via video call.

4. For market research purpose

Because the cost for a virtual office is much cheaper than renting the physical office, you can use this to do the market research for your business before investing in a bigger scale, considering the low-risk costs.

5. Prestigious corporate image

To have a prestigious business address, it will give a good image for your company, so there is a higher chance to engage credible partners and clients.

6. Faster building domicile letter issuance

You can get the building domicile letter only in 1 working day and use the address for your business directly. This virtual office will allow your business to be fully operated. But remember, some of the business types still need a physical office to run the business.

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