The Difference between Indonesia Visit Visa and Multiple Visit Visa – If you’re planning to come to Indonesia for holiday, family visit, cultural, short course, giving consultation, business meeting, or even for looking for a potential partner, depends on how often you will come to Indonesia for those kinds of purpose, you can either choose multiple or visit vsa.

A multiple visit visa usually used for people who want to come to Indonesia for a business-related purpose and normally called a business visa. This visa allows foreigners to stay in Indonesia for a duration of 1 year with a maximum of stay is 60 days per visit. The foreigners need to exit Indonesia every time the 60 days allowance is over and return to Indonesia in the next day or whenever is preferred.

Different from a multiple visit visa, visit visa only allows foreigners to come and stay in Indonesia for 60 days and need to extend the visa in Immigration Office for 5 times with maximum of 30 days stay per visit.

Indonesia Visit Visa Multiple Visit Visa

As stated in the Immigration regulation, the foreigners who want to apply, they need to have a sponsor either from their company in Indonesia or Indonesian individual, depends on the purpose. 

If the sponsor or guarantor is also foreigners, they must have KITAS or KITAP and a working statement from their company in Indonesia, but if the sponsor is Indonesian, the sponsor just needs to provide their ID card as one of the visa requirements.

But for a reminder, sometimes foreigners misuse the business visa for any kind of work which allows them to earn money/salary, this activity is restricted.

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