Import Your Goods to Indonesia as a Trading Company  Foreigners who want to establish a trading company in Indonesia and prefer to import gods directly from their country, there are steps that you need to follow:

  1. Establish a legal entity in Indonesia
  2. Register the business type in OSS as a trading company.
  3. Once the General Importer Identification Number (API-U) is issued, the importer can import the goods directly to Indonesia

Import of Goods in Indonesia

Usually, to engage a forwarder company is the best way to make the importation easier. Before the goods are imported to Indonesia, the importer themselves need to submit the Notification of Import of Goods (PIB) to Customs website first by attaching company information such as Tax ID, API, status and identity. The details of the exporter itself need to be filled as well as the forwarder.

The goods can be delivered by Air or Freight based on the preference. Also, in PIB, there will be stated the amount that the importer needs to be paid before they can pick up the goods.

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