Legalization of Indonesian Documents for Overseas Needs? Moving to overseas is becoming increasingly popular and has many benefits such as traveling to new places, meeting new people and new cultures. For some people, moving to overseas is a necessity, while for others it is an option. People are more willing to move to overseas for work, business, relationships, education or simply new adventures.

Get ready for those of you who will move or settle overseas. Often times it is about working on documents!

Moving to overseas doesn’t just involve or move your entire life thousands of miles away. There are many documents that must be prepared before you move, i.e ; document legalization.

Some foreign authorities often ask for documents issued with Apostille or a certificate of Authentication before moving into the country. This procedure confirms that the document was issued by a person / agency with the proper authority and that the signature is genuine.

In this case, we explain the correct process of how to legalize documents and the process of authenticating Indonesian documents to be taken abroad for necessities.

Legalization of Indonesian Documents

What is Legalization?

Legalization is an administrative procedure that proves the authenticity of official documents. Legalization verifies that the signature, stamp or seal on it is genuine. Various overseas authorities may ask you to provide authenticated documents.

What Documents can be Legalized?

Types of official documents that can be legalized include:

+  Birth, marriage or death certificates
Notary deeds and court documents
Educational diplomas and certificates
Police certificate
Invitation letter
Registration letter
Certificate of citizenship
Statement letter
Policies and invoices

Where to Legalize Indonesian Documents?

Every document that is issued in Indonesia and will be used to overseas must first be legalized by the relevant agencies, both business and non-business documents.

Related agencies include:

1. Ministry of Law & Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia;
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia;
3. RI Representatives abroad; (Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General)

What is the Procedure for Legalizing?

Following below are the procedures/stages for legalization in two Ministries.

Ministry of Law and Human Rights

1. Open the site:, registration (create account)
2. After creating an account, open the email that was previously registered and verify it.
3. Login with the username that was created and enter the password.
4. After logging in and successfully logging in. You can download a guide to applying for legalization online or can be downloaded here:
5. Follow the steps that have been explained completely and clearly in the manual.
6. After uploading the documents and completing everything, we will wait for the verification process for approximately 1 × 24 hours.
7. If it has been verified, usually a voucher code will be sent immediately to make a payment, then make a payment with a voucher code that has been issued. (Note: the payment voucher code can be downloaded to be printed or if there is no printer you can show it via mobile phone when making a payment).
8. This payment voucher code has a validity period of only 3 days. Payment must go through a bank teller who has been appointed by the government to serve legalized payments
9. After paying, save proof of payment and can go directly to the Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights at CIK’s Building, Jl. Cikini Raya No. 84-86, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
10. Come directly with the original documents to be legalized and proof of payment at the bank.
11. Take the queue number and wait for the queue to be called (if not called, you can go directly to the counter)
12. Explain the purpose of our arrival is to legalize online and have made payment transactions
13. Submit proof of payment to the officer
14. The legalized stickers for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights are finished and are given and ready to be attached to the back of the document.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After legalizing it at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the next step is legalizing it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Almost the same as the Ministry of Law and Human Rights which has adopted the online system, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also started using an online system as well. What sets it apart. Ministry of Law and Human Rights is still accessed via a web browser (google chrome, safari, samsung internet etc.), if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs already has its own application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

Following are the legalized steps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

1. Scan / photograph the documents to be legalized first. Front and back pages (including stickers legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights).
2. Then open the “Google Play Store” on our Android, download the application “Legalization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Documents”
3. Open the application and register or sign in
4. After that then click on the top left (click on the 3 lines) select “make request”.
5. Select the place or institution where the application is: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.
6. Destination Country: Select the destination country
7. Add Document: Select the document to be legalized
8. Upload documents: Take scans / photos of front & back pages of documents to be legalized
9. Fill in the Document Description in accordance with the data on the Legalization Sticker of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
–  Approval Number > Sticker Number
–  Name of Authorization > Name of Civil Director who signed the sticker legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
–  Agencies/Institutions > Ministry of Law and Human Rights)
10. After that, an option appears whether to add more documents or not, if not? Signature and Done
11. Click the Refresh Sign in the upper right? Wait until there is notification “Data Transfer Successful.
12. After that go back to the homepage and check “Notifications.”
Wait for the verification a few hours.
13. Check “Notification” to know when to Upload Payment. If it has been verified, it will be notified that the legalization request is accepted or rejected.
14. Make a payment to the Bank that has been appointed through the Teller.
15. Photo of proof of payment
16. Upload Payment Proof.
17. After that, wait for the payment verification for about a few hours. Open the option “Notification” to find out the payment verification. Open the option “Request Completed” to make sure the payment verification is successful again. Open the option “Request Completed” to make sure the payment verification is successful again.
18. According to the notification on payment verification, we just have to wait 1 working day and can come directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Jl. Pejambon Park no. 6, Central Jakarta (Near Hotel Borobudur) in the morning by bringing the original documents and documents that match what you want to legalize and proof of payment, enclosed in a yellow folder.
19. And the stickers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been affixed.

Note: Form more detail you can see here 

What if you Want to Legalize a Document Issued Overseas?

You must contact the embassy or consulate of your home country which is located in your country of residence. If you need to translate documents, be sure to choose a sworn translator. Quite often, you will need to first get documents legalized by local authorities (usually by the department or ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Our Authentication Services

Services vary depending on the type of document being legalized. Indoservice provides fast legalization services for your document needs to be used to overseas (such as approval from the Ministry).

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