What is EFIN?Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) is an identification number issued by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) to taxpayers who conduct electronic transactions with the DGT. One of the transactions is SPT reporting through e-Filing and making tax payment billing codes. The EFIN code is used as an identification for every taxpayer to be able to make electronic transactions.

Electronic Filing Identification Number is a mandatory requirement for reporting annual tax returns with the e-Filling feature, either through the DJP Online website or application service provider (ASP). With Electronic Filing Identification Number, taxpayers can report online annual tax returns safely because they are encrypted, so data confidentiality is guaranteed.


Based on its usability, Electronic Filing Identification Number is divided into two types. First, EFIN is for individual taxpayers created and intended for individual or individual taxpayers. Second, EFIN is for corporate taxpayers that are made and intended for corporate or corporate taxpayers.

Electronic Filing Identification Number for corporate taxpayers is different from EFIN for individual taxpayers. Thus, an individual taxpayer who owns a company or business entity must have two Electronic Filing Identification Number, namely EFIN for himself and EFIN for his company.

Electronic Filing Identification Number can provide various benefits for taxpayers, including being able to access tax services online and reporting annual tax returns anywhere and anytime without the need to queue at the tax office.

EFIN System Database

In addition, Electronic Filing Identification Number ensures the confidentiality of data entered by taxpayers in the tax system because Electronic Filing Identification Number also functions for authentication. In addition, by having Electronic Filing Identification Number and finally being able to report annual tax returns online, the data reported by WP will be recorded in the tax system database. Thus, taxpayers no longer need to repeat the data filling from the beginning of the next year’s tax reporting.



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