Importance of HR System for Global Business – Expanding business globally and maximizing everything can give you more profit in doing business. Current technological advances, in particular, in HR management have now made it the right global solution to choose for international business people everywhere.

Companies can run with a global HR system, support the workforce, both local and international, whether in a few weeks or months or years, can be done without the need to worry about regulations and compliance with applicable laws.

In this article we will explain the importance of the HR system for global business.

What is a global HR system?

Global HR system is also often referred to as global HRM, is a term that is often used to inclusively define all HR processes of an organization, both in managing, involving employees globally, implementing general policies and also taking into account local laws, customs, and cultures towards legal compliance that applies to organizations operating in more than one country.

How to successfully implement a global HR system?

1. Thorough research

It is important to target processes to specific areas, in terms of work practices, people involved, and available resources. Implementation of the system in one office, does not guarantee the success of implementation in other offices.

2. Project teams

Project management in HR is the cornerstone of any successful project your Human Resources department undertakes. It gives your tasks structure, order, and your employees a sense of direction and completion.

3. Phased roll-out

Making the new system available only to department heads first, then managers, and finally HR staff, ensures that leaders are comfortable using the new system, and can flag any potential issues that could affect their team.

4. Executive buy-in

To gain executive buy-in, you need to view that team as you would your buyers. It starts with understanding the problems they see in the business and focusing your efforts on solving them.

5. Effective communication

Communication can be a challenge in any work environment. Even if people speak the same language, personalities and communication styles can be very different. Now consider the additional challenges that come with communicating with people from other cultures.

Types of global HR?

1. Expats

An expatriate is an employee working in an operation, who is not a national of the country where the operation is based, but the employee is a citizen of the country where the organization’s headquarters are located.

2. Residents of the host

A host country national is an employee who works for a company in an operation who is a national of the country in which the operation is based, but the company’s headquarters are in another country.

3. Citizens of third countries

This employee is a citizen of one country working in a second country, and is employed by an organization headquartered in a third country. Specifically, human resource management refers to the activities carried out by an organization to utilize its human resources effectively.

Goals of HR systems globally

  1. So that multinational companies can continue to run and operate optimally in different countries by managing existing human resources so that the human resources employed can continue to work optimally because they can adapt to their work environment;
  2. To achieve organizational goals regardless of geographic boundaries;
  3. For targeted human resource planning;
  4. Analyze the job;
  5. The process of recruitment and placement of employees with ease;
  6. Employee career development;
  7. Remuneration for employees;
  8. Save time and cost;

Advantages of global HR system services?

  1. Consolidated and scalable;
  2. Seamless integration and built-in compliance support;
  3. World-class security;
  4. Flexible architecture;
  5. Global reporting;


Implementing an HR system in the form of a global HR system can be a significant change for any business. However, if not implementing the solutions properly can result in technical and management problems, which will lead to the opposite of the business objectives.

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    Importance of HR System for Global Business
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    Importance of HR System for Global Business
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