Employment Visa Indonesia – Foreigners who are planning to work in Indonesia usually confused if the employer asks them to do so. First thing that comes to their mind is “Do I need a visa?” and then they start to look over it on Google. But, some of the information seem like confusing, doesn’t answer the question. Well, we will give you the simple answer for what you’re looking for.

Basically, in Indonesia, there are only 2 types of visas that foreigners can use for legally working in Indonesia. First is KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) which allows foreigners to work and stay in Indonesia for a year. But for this, foreigners needs to have a company who has a legal entity in Indonesia as their sponsor or if the foreigners themselves are willing to establish a company here, they just need to apply as an investor KITAS and get an expertise and skill development fund (DPKK) exemption.

Second is KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit), this permit allows foreigners to stay in Indonesia for 5 years and can be extended for another 5 years as long as their permit is not canceled. But only foreigners who hold a KITAS for 3 years in a row then they can transfer it to KITAP, less than that, they are still not eligible to get a KITAP. 

Don't be fooled by other types of visas

Do not get tricked by the other types of visas other than KITAS and KITAP, because they don’t allow you to work and get a salary here. Those visas just allow you to have a meeting or any business related but you can’t earn any salary and still not considered as an employment visa Indonesia.

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