About Visit Visa Indonesia – Generally, foreign citizens who want to enter a country must have a visa first, either a visa for long or short term stays. In Indonesia itself there are various types of visas. Both for Limited Stay Visa and Visit Visa Indonesia, according to the function, use and purpose of the visa.

This time we will discuss Visit Visa in Indonesia and their uses.

What is a visit visa?

Referring to Law no. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration, Republic of Indonesia Visa, hereinafter referred to as Visa, is a written statement given by an authorized official at the Representative Office of the Republic of Indonesia or at another place determined by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, which contains approval for foreigners to travel to Indonesian territory and is the basis for granting a Stay Permit.

Indonesia Visit Visa Service

As in the explanation of article 38 of Republic of Indonesia Law no. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration, in its application a visit visa is given to foreigners who will travel to Indonesian territory for the following visits:

  1. Travel;
  2. Family;
  3. Social;
  4. Arts and culture;
  5. Government duties;
  6. Sports that are not commercial in nature;
  7. Comparative studies, short courses and short training;
  8. Providing guidance, counseling and training in the application and innovation of industrial technology to improve the quality and design of industrial products as well as foreign marketing cooperation for Indonesia;
  9. Carrying out emergency and urgent work;
  10. Journalism that has received permission from the authorized agency;
  11. Making films that are not commercial in nature and have received permission from the competent authority;
  12. Business talks;
  13. Purchase goods;
  14. Give lectures or attend seminars;
  15. Participate in international exhibitions;
  16. Attend meetings held with the head office or representatives in Indonesia;
  17. Conduct audits, production quality control, or inspections at company branches in Indonesia;
  18. Prospective foreign workers are testing their ability to work;
  19. Continue traveling to other countries, and
  20. Join transportation equipment located in Indonesian Territory.

Types of visit visa in Indonesia

Single entry

Single Entry Visit Visa is given to foreigners to stay in Indonesian territory for a maximum of 60 days (two months).

This visa can be extended 2x. Each time you extend, you get a stay period of 60 days with a total duration of no more than 180 days (six months).

This visa can be converted into status, from Visit Stay Permit (ITK) to Limited Stay Permit (ITAS).

Multiple entry

Multiple Entry Visit Visas are given to foreigners with a visa validity period of 1 year and a maximum of 5 (five) years. This visa can be used to stay in Indonesian Territory for a maximum of 60 days (two months).

This visa cannot be extended & cannot be converted to Limited Stay Permit (ITAS).

Validity Indonesian visit visa

  1. Visa on Arrival (VOA), stay period 30 days – can be extended 1x.
  2. Visit Visa Single Entry, stay period 60 days – can be extended 2x.
  3. Visit Visa Multiple Entry, validity period 1 year & 5 years – stay period 60 days per entry, cannot be extended.

Index Indonesian visit visa

Index Visa Indonesia Types

B213 – VOA
B211A / B211B / B211C
Type of Visa D1 (1 Year)
Type of Visa D1 (2 Years)
Type of Visa D2 (1 Year)
Type of Visa D2 (2 Years)


  1. App Letter from the guarantor, if sponsored by an Indonesian citizen / Indonesian company;
  2. Passport, with a validity period of 6 months for single entry visit visa & 18 months for multiple entry visit visa – 1 year & 72 months for multiple entry visit visa – 5 years;
  3. Bank statement with balance Min. 2000$ for living expenses while in Indonesia;
  4. Return ticket/exit ticket or continue your journey to another country;
  5. Color pas photo measuring 4×6;

How to apply for an Indonesian visit visa?

  1. Via the Molina Immigration app molina.imigrasi.go.id
  2. Via the Online Visa Approval app – Persetujuan Visa Online visa-online.imigrasi.go.id

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About Visit Visa Indonesia
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About Visit Visa Indonesia
In Indonesia itself there are various type of visas. Both for Limited and Visit Visa, according to the function, use and purpose of the visa.
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