Expatriates Need to Register BPJS to Work in Indonesia – Some of the foreigners still don’t know or never heard about BPJS. BPJS is a Social Insurance Administration Organization owned by Indonesian Government. BPJS itself has 2 types, healthcare (BPJS Kesehatan) and social security program (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan). The employer who’s planning to employ expatriate in their company needs to register at least 2 members in BPJS.

The amount of the premium that needs to be paid depends on the salary of each employee per month and the situation if the participant is single or married and how many kids they have. BPJS Ketenagakerjaan itself has 3 types of coverage such as workplace accident security (JKK), old age security (JHT), and death security (JK). BPJS amount can be claimed after at least 1 month once you resigned from your company.

bpjs expat kesehatan indonesia

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Benefits of the BPJS Kesehatan include:

1. The first level of health services, namely non-specialistic health services include;

a) Administration of services
b) Promotive and preventive services
c) Examination, treatment and medical consultation
d) Non-specialized medical procedures, both operative and non-operative
e) Consumable medicine and medical material services
f) Blood transfusion according to medical needs
g) Investigations supporting the first-level laboratory diagnosis
h) First-degree hospitalization as indicated

2. Advanced referral health services;

a) Outpatient, includes:

  • Administration of services
  • Examination, treatment and specialist consultations by specialist doctors and sub-specialists
  • Medical specialties in accordance with medical indications
  • Drug services and consumable medical materials
  • Implanted medical device services
  • Advanced diagnostic support services in accordance with medical indications
  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Blood services
  • Forensic medicine services
  • Dead body services at a health facility

b) Inpatient services which include:

  • Non-intensive inpatient care
  • Inpatient treatment in intensive care
  • Other health services determined by the Minister

The tuition for each BPJS is different. For BPJS Kesehatan, the participant who works in the Government office and Private company, 4% from the monthly salary needs to be paid to BPJS by the employer and 1% needs to be paid by the participant himself. However, the tuition for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan just because there are 3 types of coverages, so the breakdown of each tuition are:

  1. JKK : 0.24% – 1.74% (depending on the risk) from the monthly salary, fully paid by the employer
  2. JHT : 3.7% from the monthly salary, paid by the employer and 2% by the participant
  3. JK : 0.3% from the monthly salary, fully paid by the employer

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