The Point Foreigners must know for a Work Visa in Indonesia – Every foreigner who will work in Indonesia must have a work permit and work visa from the Ministry of Manpower and the Directorate General of Immigration. To be able to employ foreigners, the initial stage is that each employer must have a permit for the use of foreign workers or RPTKA, which is commonly called.

Employers can submit an application to the Ministry of Manpower by attaching the required number of files. Then the Minister of Manpower or the appointed official will verify and issue and ratify the use of foreign workers.

But before submitting it. Is there anything that foreigners need to know or what points prospective foreign workers need to know before working in Indonesia.

Below, we will discuss what foreigners need to know before working in Indonesia.

Definition of foreign workers (TKA)

According to Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower, what is meant by foreign workers (TKA) are foreign citizens holding visas with the intention of working in Indonesia.

Understanding the employer’s field of business

Before applying for a work permit or work visa to the relevant agency/ministry, the company where the foreigner will work. The foreigner must know in advance about the company and the company’s line of business. Why should this be done? Because there are a number of certain business fields registered with the government, which requires some special rules in managing their permits.

Foreigners are required to have appropriate competencies & qualifications in their field of work.

Competencies and qualifications that must be possessed by foreign workers include having knowledge, expertise, skills in certain fields, and understanding Indonesian culture.

RPTKA ratification requirements

Foreign Workers Document:

  • Education diploma.
  • Certificate of competence or work experience;
  • Work agreement or other agreement with the employer of the foreign worker.
  • Foreign national passport (color).
  • 4×6 color passport photo with a red background.
  • TKA Employer document.
  • Letter of application for approval of RPTKA.
  • Letter of assignment or a power of attorney from the leader of the TKA Employer.
  • Application letter to the Director General of Immigration for visa application in the context of work.
  • Current account or savings account of the Employer of the TKA.
  • Approval letter Rp0.00 (zero rupiah).
  • Certificate of appointment of Foreign Workers Assistance.
  • Statement letter from the Employer of TKA as guarantor of the TKA.

Limited stay visa converted to KITAS

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number 16 of 2018 concerning Procedures for Granting Visas and Stay Permits for Foreign Workers (TKA).

  1. Provision of KITAS is carried out at the Checkpoint certain immigration.
  2. Certain Immigration Checkpoints as referred to in point 1 shall be determined by the Minister.
  3. At the Immigration Checkpoints as referred to in point 2, special inspection counters are provided.
  4. The Immigration Officer on duty at the Immigration Checkpoint as referred to above, completes the granting of KITAS for prospective foreign workers through the following mechanisms:
    >  Provide an Entrance Sign in the form of a sticker containing data on foreign workers as well as KITAS and re-entry permits; and
    >  Provide electronic KITAS through a biometric data collection mechanism.
  5. Electronic KITAS data as referred to in the point above is sent electronically via SIMKIM to TKA Employers, prospective TKA, Immigration Division, and immigration offices whose working area includes the residence of the TKA.

Business visa is not for work permit

Definition of Indonesian visa

Referring to Law no. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration, Visa of the Republic of Indonesia, hereinafter referred to as Visa, is a written statement given by an authorized official at the Representative of the Republic of Indonesia or at another place determined by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, which contains approval for foreigners to travel to the territory of Indonesia and become the basis for granting a Stay Permit.

Visit visa

As in the explanation of Article 38 of Law No. RI. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration, a visit visa in its application is given to foreigners who will travel to the Indonesian Territory for the following visits:

  1. Travel
  2. Family
  3. Social
  4. Arts and culture
  5. Government duties
  6. Non-commercial sports
  7. Comparative studies, short courses, and short training
  8. Provide guidance, counseling, and training in the application and innovation of industrial technology to improve the quality and design of industrial products as well as foreign marketing cooperation for Indonesia
  9. Do emergency and urgent work
  10. Journalism that has received permission from the competent authority
  11. Non-commercial filmmaking and has received permission from authorized agency
  12. Have business talks
  13. Make a purchase of goods
  14. Giving lectures or attending seminars
  15. Participate in international exhibitions
  16. Attend meetings held with the head office or representatives in Indonesia
  17. Carry out audits, production quality control, or inspections on branches companies in Indonesia
  18. Prospective foreign workers in a test of ability to work
  19. Continue the journey to another country, and
  20. Join the means of transportation in the Indonesian Territory

So for a Business Visa, it is a Visa for business visits in Indonesia without getting compensation or getting financial benefits. Cannot be used for work.


Understanding work permits in Indonesia and the conditions on how to obtain work permits and work visas in Indonesia is very important.

Meeting the requirements needed for expatriates and knowing the ins and outs of the employer company and the flow of getting a Work Permit and Kitas is very helpful.

If you experience difficulties and ignorance in the process of applying for a Work Permit and Foreign Worker Visa.

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    The Point Foreigners must know for a Work Visa in Indonesia
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    The Point Foreigners must know for a Work Visa in Indonesia
    Foreigners need to know or what points prospective foreign workers need to know before working with work Visa in Indonesia.
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