Face-to-Face Tax Service at KPP and KP2KP Has Been Reopened РStarting June 15, 2020, face-to-face tax service at KPP and KP2KP reopened by applying health protocols. This includes new things such as the community must first make an agreement if they want to get face-to-face services.

This policy is in line with the direction of the Government regarding the New Normal policy. It is expected that towards the end of the second quarter of 2020, this policy can be implemented effectively, especially in government agencies.

Face-to-face services at the DGT are provided specifically for services that cannot be submitted online. Some services that are exempt from face-to-face services and are still being done online include NPWP registration, Annual Tax Returns reporting and Periodic Tax Returns reporting that have been required via e-filing, Certificate of PPhTB SSP Validation, EFIN activation and forgotten EFIN, and services at the PPN Restitution Implementation Unit Airport (UPRPPN).

The seven services can be done online through www.pajak.go.id. Specifically for services related to EFIN and UPRPPN can be submitted via email to the registered KPP via the official email address available at www.pajak.go.id/unit-kerja.

For example, NPWP registration is done through the NPWP registration menu on the homepage www.pajak.go.id. Then, Annual Tax Returns reporting and Periodic Tax Returns reporting are done by logging on www.pajak.go.id, select the reporting menu, then select e-Filing. The PPhTB SSP validation service can also be accessed after logging in at www.pajak.go.id, on the service menu, e-PHTB.

Taxpayers and the public must go through certain procedures in order to get face-to-face services. Consultation services are carried out by making arrangements in advance through the channels that are available, such as e-mail, telephone, or chat as listed in www.pajak.go.id/unit-kerja.

Tax Service KPP Pratama

The second requirement is implementation of face-to-face services carried out in accordance with TPT capacity and by observing health protocols. The health protocol that must be considered when entering an office building is obliged to wear a mask and implement physical distancing. Taxpayers and employees are also encouraged to implement Clean and Healthy Behavior.

Body temperature measurements are also carried out before entering the office building. If it is known that the body temperature of the taxpayer or employee is more than 38 degrees Celsius, then the taxpayer or taxpayer will be directed to check up to the nearest health facility.

Guidelines for the interaction of taxpayers with officers are carried out with the following conditions. Officers always wear masks, face shields, and/or gloves. In the case of greeting, the officer will greet without having to shake hands.

Officers will also continue to convey information or advice relating to the vigilance policy of the spread of Covid-19 such as hand washing, wearing masks, and encouraging physical distance. The taxpayer is also expected to follow all the Covid-19 prevention procedures in the DGT work environment.

Direktorat Jenderal Pajak

If taxpayers or guests want to meet with DGT staff, coordinate in advance by telephone, e-mail or other online facilities. Meanwhile, taxpayers who wish to submit requests or other reports should be directed through other means such as post or online.

This also applies to educational activities or counseling in the framework of SPT reporting. DGT will prioritize the implementation of this activity in the online form through tax classes. The tax class schedule will be posted on the website www.pajak.go.id.

In the end, through the health protocol implemented throughout the KPP and KP2KP, tax services can be provided to the maximum and only to prevent, reduce the spread, and protect the public and DGT employees from Covid-19.


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