How To Make A New or Forgotten EFIN – Among the many questions that are often asked in DGT social media accounts are how to create EFIN and how to get EFIN again for forgetting. The need to remember EFIN usually arises when taxpayers (WP) who will report annual tax returns through e-Filing forget the DGT Online password.

The taxpayer who asks usually wants to report the annual tax return online, but has never registered at DGT Online. Now, to have a DGT Online account, the registration process is done by entering the taxpayer identification number (NPWP) and EFIN.

EFIN Online Registered

The application for activation of the EFIN code is submitted to the nearest tax office. In the event that the EFIN code has never been activated, an individual taxpayer can apply for an EFIN code activation at the nearest KPP or KP2KP (anywhere). Activation of the EFIN code cannot be done via twitter @kring_pajak.

EFIN is an identification number issued by the DGT to taxpayers (WP) who conduct electronic transactions with the DGT. The importance of the role of EFIN makes this identification number very confidential which consists of 10 digits.

For this reason, based on the Director General of Taxes Regulation No. PER-06/PJ/2019, taxpayers who want to get EFIN for the first time must visit the tax office directly and may not be represented.

Kring Pajak EFIN

But for taxpayers who have made EFIN but forgot the numbers, you can get it back without having to go to the tax office but via the Twitter account @kring_pajak as follows:

1. Follow the @kring_pajak account
2. Mentions just once by including the #LupaEFIN hashtag
3. Include these answers in your tweet:

a. Individual or entity taxpayer
b. Already/Not yet Activated EFIN at the Tax Office?
c. Forgotten/Remember DJP Online password?

Done. Just wait until @kring_pajak assists you.



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