PNBP Limited Stay Permit Indonesia  Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) for Indonesia Limited Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Terbatas/KITAS) are different for each type of KITAS. Previously, all PNBP are being paid in the Indonesian Embassy of the applicant’s country. Now each PNBP has different regulations based on Ministry Regulation No. 16/2018. 

For the KITAS PNBP itself, the cost that needs to be paid by the foreigner’s sponsor to the government is USD 150. So when the foreigner converts the telex in the Indonesian Embassy abroad, they just need to submit the passport and telex. This regulation is only applied to the Experts in the company.

KITAS holders such as spouse, dependent, investor, and any other non-foreign labors, they need to pay the PNBP in the Indonesian Embassy abroad, the amount is still the same. To get the VITAS, the process varies for either 3 to 5 working days normally. Even to get the telex notification, it also depends on the government system, sometimes the system experiences delay because there is a renewal or maintenance of the system itself. 

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