Positions allowed for TKA in Finance and Insurance Sector – The financial services and insurance industry includes businesses that provide a wide variety of services. This includes direct service to consumers or businesses as well as services to other businesses in the industry. In Indonesia and other parts of the world, the financial and insurance sectors in particular, are financial services companies that are considered as one of the most important parts of a country’s economy. But is it permissible for financial and insurance sector companies to employ foreign workers (TKA) in them?

Below is information on the positions that foreign workers may occupy in financial and insurance sector companies.

Definition of TKA?

Foreign workers are foreign citizens holding visas with the intention of working in the territory of Indonesia.

Reference: Manpower Law Number 13 Year 2003.

The following is a list of positions that are allowed for TKA, based on the Decree of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia No. 228 of 2019 concerning certain positions that can be occupied by TKA.

Nama Jabatan 



Manajer Umum 

General Manager

Manajer Umum Pemasaran

Marketing General Manager 

Manajer Umum Pengembangan Bisnis

Business Development General Manager

Manajer Umum Bidang Sistem Informasi

Information System General Manager 

Manajer Umum Perbendaharaan 

Treasury General Manager 

Manajer Pengembangan Bisnis

Business Development Manager

Manajer Promosi Bisnis

Business Promotion Manager 

Manajer Hubungan Bisnis

Business Relation Manager

Manajer Perbendaharaan 

Treasury Manager 

Manajer Senior Teknologi Informasi

Senior Information Technology Manager 

Manajer Senior Hubungan Nasabah

Senior Customer Relation Manager 

Manajer Senior Pengembangan Bisnis

Senior Business Development Manager 

Manajer Senior Perbendaharaan 

Senior Treasury Manager 

Manajer Perencanaan Strategi Pemasaran 

Strategic Marketing Plan Manager 

Kepala Divisi Manajemen Aset

Head of Asset Management

Kelapa Divisi Pemasaran 

Head of Marketing

Kepala Divisi Penelitian

Head of Research 

Kepala Divisi Penasihat Keuangan

Head of Financial Advisory

Kepala Divisi Teknologi Informasi

Head of Information Technology 

Kepala Divisi Pengembangan 

Head of Business Development

Kepala Pemasaran 

Chief Marketing Officer 

Kepala Perencanaan Perusahaan 

Head of Corporate Planning

Kepala Unit Perencanaan Perusahaan

Head of Corporate Planning Unit

Kepala Department 

Head of Department 

Kepala Divisi Keuangan & Akuntansi

Head of Finance & Accounting

Kepala Divisi Penasihat Keuangan

Head of Financial Advisory

Kepala Perencanaan  

Head of Planning

Penasihat Pemasaran 

Marketing Advisory

Aktuaris Perusahaan 

Company Actuaries

Konsultan Underwriting, Aktuaria Pemasaran dan atau Sistem Informasi

Consultants Underwriting, actuaries, marketing anda / or information system

Pemeriksaan Klaim

Claim Examiner

Underwriter Asuransi

Insurance Underwriter

This the information regarding positions for foreign workers in the financial and insurance sectors that can be occupied based on the regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 228 in 2019.

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    Positions Allowed for TKA in Finance and Insurance Sector
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    Positions Allowed for TKA in Finance and Insurance Sector
    Permissible for financial and insurance sector companies to employ foreign workers (TKA) in them? Here are the Positions allowed for TKA.
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