APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) – With the increase in business travel activities in the trade and investment sector between the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation / APEC, the simplicity in the immigration process is an inevitable need. Therefore, an agreement emerged to facilitate inter-immigration traffic activities for business people in APEC countries in the form of an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC).

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, hereinafter referred to as APEC, is an organization of Asia Pacific countries which was established in Canberra in November 1989 with the aim of building economic cooperation.

The APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) facilitates short-term business trips in the APEC region by streamlining the entry process into the APEC economy. The goal is to accelerate the process of entering and leaving a country for its holders, especially for business people who are very concerned with time efficiency, because with ABTC, business people no longer need to apply for a visa every time they want to travel to ABTC participating countries and get service facilities at airports with special routes. Currently APEC itself has 21 (twenty one) member economies, such as:

21 Member Economies APEC

AustraliaPapua New Guinea
Brunei DarussalamPeru
Hong KongSouth Korea
MalaysiaUnited States
New Zealand

Apec Member

The ABTC issued over a five-year term serves as the entry authority to another fully participating country that has granted initial clearance for short term business travel of up to 60 or 90 days. Following are the requirements to register the ABTC:

A. Special

1. Bona fide businessman with a position equivalent to a director or higher who leads the company (as evidenced by attaching a photocopy of company establishment deed for document verification).
2. The company must be equivalent to a Limited Liability Company (PT), not CV, UD and so on (as evidenced by attaching a photocopy of the Company’s Business License (SIUP) for document verification).

B. General

Requirements for submitting a new / renewal ABTC are:

1. APEC application form.
2. Application letter from the company.
3. A letter of recommendation from an employer / professional association.
4. Bank Reference Letter with a balance statement for the last 3 months of at least IDR 500,000,000.
5. Photocopy of Passport with minimum validity of 2 years.
6. Proof of business travel for the last 6 months.
7. Police Record Certificate (SKCK).
8. Photocopy of Identity Card.
9. Old ABTC (for replacement).
10. 2 pieces of latest 3×4 size colored photo.
11. Attach a signature using a large whiteboard marker for uploading to the system.
12. Attach a letter of assignment and company identification for those who represent ABTC management.

For applicants who live outside the territory of Indonesia, the additional requirements are:

1. Photocopy of proof of local state domicile;
2. For a letter of recommendation from an association, a letter of bank reference and police record certificate must be issued by the country where the applicant resides;
3. The requirements for point 2 are legalized at the Indonesian Embassy in the country where the applicant resides.

The ABTC process takes about 6 months or so and the length of the process depends on the approval of 21 other ABTC member countries.

Additional Information

A. Requirements for card reprint due to loss / damage:

– Application letter (addressed to the Director of Immigration Traffic).
– Certificate of loss from the police (for lost cards).
– Old cards (for those who are damaged).
– Photocopy of passport.
– Applicant’s signature with a large marker.
– Power of Attorney.

Estimation process will take up to 1 – 2 months and the applicant will be scheduled to attend to make the police investigation report.

B. Requirements for card reprint due to passport change / addition of countries:

– Request letter to reprint the ABTC.
– Old cards.
– Photocopy of new passport.
– Applicant’s signature with a large marker.
– Power of Attorney.

Estimation process will take up to 1 – 2 months.

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  1. Arif

    Sy sdh punya yg akan expire. Brp biayaresmi dan biaya jasa utk buat baru.

    Terima kasih

  2. Siti Masrurah

    Passport was renewed recently and we would also liked to link the passport to the apec card.

  3. Novie

    apakah bisa renew ABTC dari Jakarta untuk warga negara New Zeland?

    • Indoservice

      Hi Novie. Mohon maaf untuk hal tersebut tidak bisa, karena ABTC yang tersedia di Indonesia hanya untuk warga negara Indonesia, sedangkan untuk warga negara asing, tersedia di masing-masing negaranya.



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