Guide on how to run an export business for beginners – International trade is not only carried out by developed countries but also by developing countries, including Indonesia. International trade is the most important thing for every country, especially now in the era of free trade and economic globalization. The main purpose of international trade is to gain profit, especially in terms of foreign exchange by exporting goods or services produced in one country to another.

Export activities offer more markets to the public and companies. Every export company, exports greatly affect product quality, considering that exporting must meet the standards of other countries. Obtained several certifications for action, which contribute to improving their products and making them more sustainable and competitive in national and international markets.

To start an export business, you need to decide which products you will sell, complete the requirements to set up a business, seek funding, and develop channels to sell your goods in other countries.

Are you looking to make your first export sale or expand into a new overseas market? Below we will discuss a how-to guide for export business beginners.

Requirements for export

What is Export Business

An export business is a business that sells products to countries other than the country where the goods are produced.

Terms and Methods of Exporting for Export Startups

Determining the Country of Export Destination

The first step is to select the destination country. Perform a character analysis as well as the culture of the country’s people for the needs of market analysis and the target market.

Choosing Promising Export Products 

Learn and analyze the product in detail, starting from raw materials, storage areas, and how to use them. We recommend that you choose products that do not have an expiration date or that have a long expiration time, and can be used or consumed by many people. You can also choose products whose sales process uses a pre-order system as a minimal capital solution.

Registering Your Business Website in the Business Portal 

With today’s technological advances, information about the products you sell must be on the website, because almost all potential consumers can find information about products on the internet. The purpose of registering a business website or product on an international business portal is to make it easier for potential customers (importers) to find your products. Create an attractive online catalog by entering information about the product (such as description, price and contact).

Completing Export Documents 

Another important thing is that you have to complete international trade documents. Of course, if you don’t have complete documentation, your product can’t be sold overseas. Complete international trade documents also help with the management process when your products enter the destination country or region. International trade documents including invoices, packing lists and landing orders.

Understanding the Ways and Rules of International Export Business

One of the problems that is often faced by international business actors is the lack of understanding of several export regulations, both in the country of origin and the country of trade destination. It is very important for you to study the regulations in the export destination country to find out what products are allowed and not allowed to enter the country. So that business people will not choose the wrong buyer, so that export cooperation can run smoothly. Preparing the Cost of Exporting Goods

Even though you have implemented a full payment at the beginning, you will still need a number of costs in running this one business. It is important for you to know and study well the various costs that will be incurred in exporting activities, including the payment system that you must have in this business so that you do not experience problems when starting to run it.

Use the Facilities Provided by the Government 

The Indonesian government provides various business facilities to support local businesses so that they can market their products to other countries. On the website you can see data on trade representatives from the Directorate of National Export Development on five continents. In addition, there are also international exhibitions for export products which are facilitated by the Indonesian government, for example, Trade Expo Indonesia.

Participate in Export Products Exhibition

Following the product cast is one of the right steps you can take to introduce your product widely. At exhibitions like this you will have the opportunity to meet other business people as well as importers from abroad. Bring your best products and find a good opportunity at the right exhibition.

Requirements for Export

+ Purchase order document;
+ Export plan;
+ Export documents;
+ Packing list;
+ Commercial Invoice;
+ Proof of paying export duty.

Tips for Beginners in the Export Sector

+ Learn a lot about procedures or how to export products;
+ Establish good relationships with related agencies and colleagues or business relations;
+ Be careful with every opportunity that opens;
+ Adjust the quality of the product you want to export with the quality of export standards;
+ Promote your products through attractive and complete brochures, as well as through exhibitions, both local and international exhibitions;
+ Follow any trade policies that apply in each country;
+ Always maintain continuity or continuity of production so that demand for products can be met.

Important Terms in Export World

Packing List

A packing list is an optional document that you can choose to include in a shipment detailing the specific contents of each package shipped.


An invoice is a single document that describes the entire export transaction from start to finish. Invoices or invoices provide important information to buyers, shippers, customs, banks and others in international transactions.

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of origin is a document that states in which country a commodity or goods are produced. The certificate of origin contains information about the product, destination, and exporting country.

Bill of Lading

There are three bill of lading documents that you generally need, namely inland, ocean, and air waybills. The bill of lading is the first transportation document required for international shipments made for your export. This letter can be prepared by a land carrier or you can create it yourself. This is a contract of carriage between the exporter and the shipper that states where the goods will go, also serving as your acknowledgment that the goods have been picked up.


Come on, immediately develop your business to compete in the global market! Because the export business has quite a promising opportunity, especially if you can find the right market.

Make sure to learn and run this business with the right steps, so that everything can run smoothly.

If you experience difficulties and ignorance in managing export permits (from within the country to overseas, related to the procedures and legal bases that apply in Indonesia regarding export goods.

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Guide on How to Run an Export Business for Beginners
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Guide on How to Run an Export Business for Beginners
Export activities offer more markets to the public and companies. Every export company, exports greatly affect product quality, considering that exporting must meet the standards of other countries.
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