Start Business in Indonesia During Pandemic – The outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak around the world has caused all countries to urge the public to limit physical contact. Such as daily activities, work, study, and worship that are recommended to be done at home. This limitation of physical contact has an unpleasant impact on many parties, one of which is business people. Many business people, from small to large scale levels, have complained and experienced a decline in income during this pandemic.

For novice or professional businessmen, business certainly has to run effectively in order to survive, especially during a pandemic like this. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on business continuity. However, during the pandemic period, it does not mean being down, this possibility can be an opportunity to optimize business strategies that will bring changes in the business going forward, especially in customer behavior.

Entrepreneurs or business people can take advantage of various kinds of technology available currently to do business. In addition, it is also a momentum for the development of the digital and creative economy. In the midst of the widespread spread of Covid-19, it turns out that there are still promising business alternatives that are worth trying, especially in Indonesia. A country that is fertile, prosperous and wealthy. Where from the east end to the west end, from Sabang to Merauke the land of Indonesia is very prosperous, so there is a proverb that says wood and stone can become plants in this country.

This article will explore how to start a business during a pandemic & why choose Indonesia.

How to Start a Business In Indonesia

Reason to Start Business Indonesia

Things that need to be considered and prepared to start a business in Indonesia.

Type of Business Entity

For a business actor, the existence of evidence that the company he owns has registered, whether in the form of establishing a legal entity PT, CV or other business entity in Indonesia, makes the field of business being carried out more recognized and true.

Biggest Competitor

Whatever business you are running today, competition is always a big thing that you will always face. Competitors make your job tough. It’s a burden to think of the right business strategy, to win the competition.

Target Market

If you are an entrepreneur, of course you want your business to grow and progress rapidly. To achieve the above, the need for appropriate and effective marketing strategies, one of which is to determine the target market. The target market is an important thing you need to know as an entrepreneur, where you must be able to determine the target market first before marketing the product.

Company Name

Name is the main thing that consumers remember. When a business starts, the first thing consumers see is its name. Only then consumers will learn more about the product. If name recognition is successful, consumers will remember it easily.

Mature Business Plan

An important step that a businessman needs to take before starting his business is to make a business plan. In order for your business to run smoothly and successfully, of course you need careful planning. Having a business plan really helps you in determining and moving forward.

Sources of Funding

Starting a business cannot be separated from the role of business capital as its main support. It can be said, without capital, a business will be difficult to develop considering that all needs including operations require a lot of costs, so it will be impossible if you do not have a reserve fund. By having sufficient funding, it is easier for you to do a business.

Certification and Legal Documents

Without legality or business license/ legal document, a company will be difficult to develop. This is because there is no trust from other people, institutions, or other companies with your company. Before running a business, you need to know whether the permits and documents you have are sufficient or not, to introduce your business to the outside.

Why Investors Choose Indonesia for Business

Why Investors Choose Indonesia

Natural Resources

The wealth of natural resources owned by Indonesia does not need to be questioned and doubted. Both in the mining sector, such as coal, oil, and natural gas are abundantly owned by Indonesia. In the tourism sector, Indonesia also has a very beautiful and beautiful nature. This is usually the main thing for foreign investors to choose to invest in Indonesia.


Indonesia will experience a shift in the shape of the structure which will lead to a surge in the number of population and workers who have and are dominated by a productive age who are more skilled and ready to work.

Good Economic and Investment Climate

Indonesia has survived the global economic crisis or the world economy. Indonesia continues to create security and a healthy economic and investment climate. For now, Indonesia has even been appointed as one of the drivers of the economy in the Asian region.

Good Political Stability

Indonesia is a country that has continued to rise to become a stable country since the reform in the field of politics since 1998. Indonesia also continues to improve its democratic system to have a government that is always healthy and also conducive or safe.

Indonesia’s Global Role

Indonesia is one of the countries that has an active role in building bilateral and international relations. The most important thing is that Indonesia is the only country in Southeast Asia that is active in the group of G-20 countries. This is because Indonesia always strives and plays a role for and in conveying the interests of developing countries in the world.

These things are very profitable for you foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. Many factors can be obtained, of course, for investors who invest in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a country that is rich, safe, and stable. Source :

Business Sector with High Opportunity in Indonesia

  1. Tourism
  2. Trade or retail
  3. E-commerce sales
  4. Infrastructure & Construction
  5. Agriculture & Livestock
  6. Telecommunication and IT
  7. Financial

Business Sector Opportunity

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Start Business in Indonesia During Pandemic
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Start Business in Indonesia During Pandemic
Entrepreneurs or business people can take advantage of various kinds of technology available currently to do business.
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