Inviting Artist from Foreign Country to Indonesia – So many concerts have been held in Indonesia by inviting artist from the USA, South Korea, Japan, and Europe. To invite foreign artists, as the promotor, needs to organize a working permit for the artists they invite. The promotor themselves are required to have impresario as their legal business license. Any kind of invitation, either they will invite these artists, athletes,  for concerts or competition, and the promotor needs to publish the event, they have to obtain a Short VITAS for the artists/athletes.

To be safe, the VITAS should be applied 2 months at least before the artists’ arrival. Because if the one who plans to invite the artists still doesn’t have an impresario license in Indonesia, they need to establish a legal entity first and required Tourism Business Registration License (TDUP). This license cannot use a virtual office as their office address, they have required a physical office for it. 

Indonesia by inviting artist

After the legal entity established, the promotor now can apply a VITAS for the artists. If the event will be held only for 3 days, for example, they still need to apply VITAS on arrival for 1 month and pay Expertise and Skills Development Fund (DPKK) of USD 100. While the promotor preparing the VITAS needed for inviting them, they can start promoting the event.



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