Newborn Stay Permit Indonesia – Many foreigners live and work in Indonesia, either the ones with a family and bring their family with them or they live separately as the family lives in their home country. But if the ones who are planning to give birth in Jakarta for example because no time to go back to the country and prefer to keep the family still in the city, the parents can manage to get the newborn stay permit for the kid.

To proceed with all the stay permit processes, the parents need to submit official proof of their marriage and valid KITAS. After the wife gave birth in Indonesia, the parents need to go to the Population and Civil Registration Agency to register the kid’s birth certificate. Once the birth certificate is issued, the parents can go to their embassy in Indonesia or anywhere closer to register the kid’s passport then report to the local immigration of the kid’s birth certificate at least 3 months after the birth certificate is issued. 

The newborn stay permit can be applied after all the above procedures are fulfilled, the application can be done without exit Indonesia while usually for submitting stay permit (KITAS) application, the foreigners need to exit Indonesia first to convert their telex. 

The stay permit period of the newborn will follow the stay permit period of the parents.

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