Reciprocal Green Lane Indonesia & Singapore – On October 12, 2020 Indonesia officially conducts a Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) with Singapore, which is called the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL). With this RGL, the Indonesian people can make business, diplomatic and official trips to Singapore. Reciprocal green lane (RGL) to facilitate business and official travel between the two countries. Applications for the RGL were opened on October 26. Citizen traffic only applies to essential business or important business trips and urgent diplomatic and service travel. The TCA does not apply to ordinary travel or tours during this pandemic.

The Singapore – Indonesia RGL is only applicable to all residents in Singapore travelling to Indonesia, and Indonesian citizens travelling to Singapore through Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Tangerang) or Batam (Batam Center Ferry Terminal). The SafeTravel Pass is a mandatory document for inbound travellers for essential business or official travel from Indonesia to Singapore under Green Lane arrangements.

Travellers will be required to abide by health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes pre-departure and post-arrival testing from authorised health institutions. Travellers are to take a PCR test 72 hours before departure, and a second test upon arrival either at the airport or terminal. Travellers are to be responsible for the costs of the tests.

When travelling from Indonesia to Singapore, each person must have a sponsor from a government agency or a firm in Singapore. They must register themselves on Singaporean applications such as TraceTogether and SafeEntry and request a SafeTravel pass.

Singaporean travelers to Indonesia must be sponsored by the government or a business entity. They must be logged in to e-HAC and Peduli Lindungi applications and apply for a visa online.

How do apply to travel to Indonesia under RGL?

+  RGL traveller to Indonesia must be sponsored by a company/government agency in Indonesia.
+  Sponsor must apply for a visa online on traveller’s behalf.
+  RGL travellers may travel to other provinces in Indonesia after arriving in Jakarta or Batam.
+  Maximum duration of stay in Indonesia is 30 days.

Where is the sponsor can apply the e-Visa?

+  The Online Visa Application can be accessed in here 

Where can i get the PCR test in Singapore?​

+  The selected clinics can  be read in (ple​ase click here)

Do i need to get PCR test in Indonesia before going back to Singapore? what about other countries?​

+  If you are going to go back to Singapore, no need to get the PCR test, all travellers must quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days prior. 

For other countries you will need to follow the health protocol from the health institution of the destination countries.

Reciprocal Green Lane or Travel Corridor Arrangement

What are the requirements for the Visa process in Indonesia?

The main requirements are as follows:

a. Valid Passport And Is Still Valid For At Least 6 (Six) Months;
b. Guarantee letter from the guarantor, except for visits in the context of tourism;
c. The guarantor is required to attach proof of availability of funds, as follows:

1. At least US $10,000 (ten thousand US Dollars) or its equivalent from a financial institution or bank in Indonesia for the purposes and objectives, including:

+  carry out emergency and urgent work;
conduct business talks;
+  make purchases of goods;
testing skills for prospective foreign workers;

2. At least US $1500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars), or the equivalent of a financial institution or bank in Indonesia for the purposes and objectives, including:

+  for medical and food aid personnel, and
join transportation means in the territory of Indonesia,

d. Return ticket or one-way ticket to continue the journey to another country, except for the crew of the transportation vehicle who will stop over to join the ship and continue the journey to another country; and
e. For foreigners who will carry out journalistic activities and / or film making, apart from having to attach the requirements as intended, they must also attach a letter of recommendation from the relevant agency.

Additional requirements are mandatory during the Covid 19 pandemic, as follows:

+  A health certificate containing a statement of being negative from COVID-19 in English issued by an agency authorized by the government in each country;
+  A statement letter in English stating that they are willing to enter quarantine and / or treatment at their own expense at a quarantine facility or health service facility designated by the government if a PCR examination by Indonesian health authorities at the country’s entrance gives a positive result (+), or there are clinical symptoms of COVID -19 according to health protocol and statutory provisions;
+  Statement letter of willingness to be carried out independently of health monitoring during quarantine or isolation in accordance with health protocols and statutory provisions; and
+  Proof of ownership of health insurance / travel insurance which includes health financing, and / or a statement letter of willingness to pay independently if affected by COVID-19 while in Indonesia.

Important Notice: 

1. Some of these questions can be obtained from the official website of the Indonesian embassy in Singapore ( & The official website of the online visa application at the Directorate General of Indonesian Immigration (
2. Indonesia is currently implementing an e-Visa (electronic visa) where foreign nationals no longer need to take visa stickers at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore or other Indonesian embassies or consulates abroad as usual. If the e-Visa has been issued, it can directly enter the territory of Indonesia by complying with all health protocol regulations implemented by the Indonesian Government

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