Starting a Business with a Limited Budget – Running a business certainly requires a place to carry out the business operations of the company. Without an office, the company’s operational processes will be hampered. The importance of an office makes many office rental providers in big cities in Indonesia. Having an office will help a company’s business processes to become more effective.

Many of us assume without a strong or large capital, then the business will not be able to start. Capital is indeed one of the important factors in running a business but that does not mean capital is a determining factor. A startup can start a business with whatever capital they have.

What needs to be done is to do and use limited capital for office priorities that fit the needs of the business. With the priority sequence that must be done as a businessman, the startup can eliminate which needs are not the first priority.

Startup Business

If there is someone or startup that wants to start a business with minimal capital, the first need is to run the operational process first. Why is that? Because the operational processes of business can start making sales and get profits that can be used as additional capital for the business.

Assume if the startup needs an office as the official address of the company and runs the company’s operational processes, then the businessman needs capital of tens of millions to billions of rupiah per year just to rent an office. The initial target of a startup opening a business can disappear instantly when he sees that the first requirement needed has a fantastic value that is impossible to achieve by a startup with limited capital.

Therefore there are many solutions offered to answer the needs of these startups, start renting a virtual office or co-working space that can be a solution for the needs of the business place but also does not drain capital.

To meet the needs of startups with limited capital but need an office to run business operational processes, we Indoservice provides a variety of services providing virtual offices in South Jakarta in particular, you can choose the office services we provide according to your business needs. With prices that suit your needs, you can run your business in accordance with its capacity and be more effective and efficient.


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