Expired Limited or Permanent Stay Permit (Itas/Itap) Holders Who Live Outside Indonesia Will Still Be Permitted To Enter Indonesia  The Government of Indonesia through the Minister of Law and Human Rights has issued a temporary ban on foreigners entering or transiting Indonesia, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia. The ban is contained in Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 11 of 2020 concerning Temporary Ban of Foreigners Entering the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia. However, in this regulation the Minister of Law and Human Rights explained that this ban applies to all foreigners with seven exceptions, including:

Expired Limited or Permanent Stay Permit Holders Who Live Outside Indonesia Will Be Still Be Permitted To Enter Indonesia

  1. Dual citizenship children with a foreign passport registered as an Indonesian citizen in the Immigration application and having proof of entry as an Indonesian citizen;
  2. Foreign Limited Stay Permits and Permanent Stay Permits Holders whose entry and exit permits are still valid;
  3. Foreign Diplomatic and Service Visa Holders;
  4. Foreigners who hold Diplomatic Stay Permits and Official Stay Permits;
  5. Medical aid and support staff. This is based on humanitarian purpose;
  6. Sea, air and land transportation crew;
  7. Foreigners who will work on National Strategic Projects.

On May 8, 2020 the Directorate General of Immigration through its official website www.imigrasi.go.id (updated information on immigration regulations relating to Covid-19) and through the Official Social Media Account on 08 May 2020 Instagram @Ditjen_Imigrasi, has updated information (additional exceptions) related to Crossing Limits Foreigners entering Indonesian territory include:

1. Foreigners holding a Limited Stay Permit (KITAS)/Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) whose KITAS/KITAP and Re-entry Permit has expired and are still abroad will still be permitted to enter Indonesia;

2. KITAS/KITAP holders can only enter Indonesian territory through:

a. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta
b. Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar
c. Juanda International Airport, Surabaya
d. Kualanamu International Airport, Medan
e. Hang Nadim International Airport, Batam
f. Batam Center International Port, Batam
g. Citra Tritunas International Port, Batam

Foreigners who get the above exceptions must still complete the requirements as before:

a. Health certificate in English from the health authorities in each country or a fit to fly certificate (Based on Ederan Letter of the Ministry of Health Number HK.02.01/MENKES/313/2020);
b. Statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days carried out by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia or carry out independent quarantine under the supervision of the Indonesian health authority;
c. Has been for at least 14 (fourteen) days in a region / country that is free of the COVID-19 virus before arriving in Indonesia, evidenced by travel tickets and boarding passes, or conducted interviews by officers with other supporting evidence. If there are still many countries that are not yet COVID-19 free, they can use the requirements in numbers 1 and 2 above;

These are details of the Health Protocol for foreign nationals who will return or enter Indonesian territory based on the Ederan Letter of the Ministry of Health Number HK.02.01/MENKES/313/2020:

Entrance handling for foreigners who will return to Indonesia includes:

1. Foreigners who enter Indonesia must follow the health quarantine procedures and additional health checks in force in Indonesia.

2. Additional health checks include:

a. Interviews.
b. Check temperature, signs and symptoms of Covid-19.
c. Oxygen Saturation Check.
d. Rapid Test and/or PCR examination.

3. Foreigners must implement the Covid-19 prevention and control principles by:

a. Implement Physical Distancing.
b. Always wear a mask.
c. Implement clean and healthy living behaviors.

4. Foreigners who enter Indonesia must have a Health Certificate in English stating the results of Covid-19 Negative PCR examination. Health certificates are valid for a maximum of 7 days from the issuance of the health facility from the country of origin and validated by the doctor of the Health Office at the port of arrival/airport.

5. Foreigners who enter by bringing a Health Certificate that proves the results of Covid-19 Negative PCR:

a. Additional health checks are carried out except for the Rapid Test or PCR.
b. If no disease and / or risk factors are found on the examination health, the health office issues health clearance and Health Alert Cards (HAC) to the citizens concerned.
c. Can continue the journey to the destination by bringing a travel permit from the local Covid-19 Handling Task Force, and always wearing a mask during the trip.
d. Undertake independent quarantine at his residence for 14 days, apply physical distancing, wear masks, and apply clean and healthy living behaviors.
e. Health clearance is submitted to the representative of his country to be forwarded to the local Health Department so that monitoring is carried out during the quarantine period.

6. Foreigners who come do not carry a Health Certificate, or carry a Health Certificate with a validity period of more than 7 days, or carry a Health Certificate but do not prove the results of the Negative PCR examination, then:

a. Additional health checks are still underway including the Rapid Test.
b. Foreigners who have comorbidities, if the results of the Rapid examination reactive tests are carried out at the referral and isolation measures to the emergency hospital/Covid-19 Referral Hospital.
c. Foreign citizens who have no symptoms and do not have comorbidities with reactive Rapid Test results, are recommended to immigration officials for deportation.
d. If the results of the non-reactive Rapid Test are recommended to the immigration official for deportation.

7. Foreigners are ship crews who will make a change of duty (sign off) in the territory of Indonesia that are permitted in accordance with applicable regulations, are required to have a Health Certificate with the results of PCR Negative-19 Negative examinations, which have a validity period of more than 7 days due to long trips shipping, then:

a. Additional health checks still in the form of interviews,
b. Temperature checks, checks for signs and symptoms of Covid-19, and oxygen saturation checks.
c. If no disease and/or risk factors are found in the medical examination, you can continue your trip back to his country. The health office issues health clearance and Health Alert Cards (HAC).
d. Undertake independent quarantine on ships / quarantine facilities if they cannot return directly to their country and while waiting for a trip back to their country, it is under the supervision of the health office, immigration officials and security forces.



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