Self-report Obligation for Unlimited KITAP Holders – Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) is a permit granted to certain foreigners to settle and reside in Indonesian territory as Indonesian residents. Permanent Stay Permit has a validity period of 5 (five) years and is unlimited. Kitap with an unlimited validity period have obligations that must be carried out every 5 years, namely: reporting.

Here we present information about Kitap in Indonesia.

What is a Kitap?

Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP) is a permit granted to certain foreigners to reside and settle in Indonesian territory as Indonesian residents.

Who can get the Kitap?

  1. Clergy;
  2. Workers; (highest leader in Indonesian company, usually director or commissioner non shareholders)
  3. Investors;
  4. Holders of facilities within the framework of a second home;
  5. Husband or wife who joins the wife or husband who holds a Permanent Stay Permit (Kitap);
  6. Children who are under 18 (eighteen) years old and unmarried who have joined their parents who hold a Permanent Stay Permit (Kitap);
  7. Former Indonesian Citizen;
  8. People who join themselves with husbands or wives of Indonesian Citizens
  9. People who join forces with fathers and/or mothers for children of foreign nationality who have family law relations with fathers and/or mothers who are Indonesian citizens;
  10. Former child with dual citizenship; And
  11. Children of foreign nationality who are under 18 (eighteen) years old and are not yet married to foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens.

Requirements to get a Kitap?

  1. Letter of Application and Letter of Guarantee;
  2. Power of Attorney (if authorized);
  3. Guarantor E-KTP;
  4. Passport;
  5. KITAS;
  6. Integration Statement;
  7. SKTT
  8. Former Indonesian Citizen: Certificate of Loss of Indonesian Citizenship, Birth Certificate, KTP, Passport, Diploma (Document stating that was once an Indonesian citizen);
  9. Children accompanying parents KITAP holder: Birth Certificate from Hospital, Birth Report Certificate from Immigration, Marriage Book, Parents’ Passport, Parents’ KITAP;
  10. Former Child with Dual Citizenship: Proof of Return of Passport, Decree of Revocation of Indonesian Citizenship, Proof of Revocation of Immigration Facility Card;
  11. TKA: Work permits issued from the Ministry of Manpower;
  12. Investor : Letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Investment / BKPM;
  13. Spouse : Marriage Certificate / Marriage Book.

Type of validity Kitap?

  1. 5 (Five) Year Kitap – Permanent Stay Permit Card; and
  2. Unlimited Kitap – Permanent Stay Permit Card

Procedure to get a Kitap?

  1. The applicant registers at the immigration office based on the exact area of residence of the foreigner and brings the complete requirements to the Immigration Office;
  2. The counter clerk gives the Perdim Form to the Applicant, checks the completeness of the requirements, prints the application form, performs data entry and scans documents, identifies and verifies data;
  3. The applicant pays for the Immigration fee through the Perception Bank/Pos Indonesia;
  4. Inteldakim officers carry out field checks (if necessary);
  5. Interview Officers conduct interviews and take biometrics (photos, fingerprints and signatures) of the Applicant;
  6. Approval by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights;
  7. Approval by the Director General of Immigration;
  8. KITAP CARD printing;
  9. KITAP and MERP stamping on the national passport signed by the appointed Head of Immigration Office/Official;
  10. The Counter Officer scans the final document and submits the KITAP and Passport to the Applicant.

The obligations of the Kitap holder are unlimited

Foreigners holding Permanent Stay Permits with an unlimited period of time must report every 5 (five) years to the Head of the Immigration Office whose working area covers the residence of the Foreigner concerned and is free of charge.

Regulations related to reporting, Permen No. 29 of 2021 (16 August 2021) Paragraph 6 – KITAP Reporting Article 144

Reporting as referred to above is carried out by Foreigners, Guarantor or Person in Charge through an application by attaching:

a. Valid and Valid National Passport;


b. Permanent Stay Permit.

Reporting as referred to in Article 144 is carried out no sooner than 3 (three) months and no later than the working day before the reporting date of the Permanent Stay Permit ends. Reporting as referred to above that is filed after the end of the reporting date of the Permanent Stay Permit is carried out after obtaining approval of the Director General.

Thus the information about Kitap – Permanent Stay Permit.

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Self-report Obligation for Unlimited KITAP Holders
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Self-report Obligation for Unlimited KITAP Holders
Unlimited KITAP validity period have obligations that must be carried out every 5 years, namely reporting. Here we present info about KITAP.
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