Immigration Updates on Foreign Nationals Services  The Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia has issued a new announcement regarding services for foreigners. Immigration has reopened services for foreigners (but limited to certain types of services and implementing health protocols). Services for foreigners that has been opened include:

1. Change of Status of an Immigration Stay Permit Application

This means foreigners who will change their residence permits, for example:

a. ITK (Visiting Permit/Visit Visa) to Kitas (Limited Stay Permit)
b. Kitas (Limited Stay Permit) to Kitap (Permanent Stay Permit)

Note: ITK (Visiting Permit/Visit Visa) that can be changed is the ITK that uses a Visa obtained from an Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia abroad.

2. New temporary Stay Permit (Kitas) issuance.

This is for foreign nationals who are already in Indonesia and already have Vitas (Limited Stay Visas) at the beginning of the pandemic covid 19 (in March) that cannot be converted to Kitas since the Immigration Office was closed. The intended Kitas types/index are:

a. Investor > C313 and C314
b. Dependent/Spouse > C317
c. Study Visa > C316
d. Research and development Visa > C315
e. Repatriation (eks. WNI) > 318
f. Retirement Visa > C319
g. Etc.

Note: Foreign workers/expatriates cannot be processed in Immigration Office, since foreign workers/expatriates are processed at the airport upon arrival at the immigration check counter (in accordance with Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 16 of 2018).

3. Immigrations Certificate of Residency (SKIM)

This is for foreign nationals who will be naturalized (change of citizenship from foreigners to Indonesian).

4. Indonesia Dual Citizenship and immigrationfacility application

This is for a child card of dual citizenship (affidavit) which can be submitted after being registered with dual citizenship and also has received a Dual Citizenship Children Certificate.

Indonesia Imigrasi

In summary, these are the updates for foreign citizens services in Immigration and Ministry of Manpower:


  1. Holders of Visa Approval/Telex are still unable to obtain visas at the Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy/Consulate only serving foreigners who working on national strategic projects (in accordance with Ministry of Law andHuman Rights Regulation No. 11 of 2020);
  2. Visa holders such as the Visit Visa index D212, B211A, B211B, B211C and B213/Work Visa index 312/Investor Visa index 313 and 314 or ABTC (Apec Business Travel Card) still unable to enter to Indonesian territory. (Except for the 7 exceptions listed in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 11 of 2020);
  3. Visa Approval/Telex application services have not open yet been for foreigners;
  4. Extension of VOA (Visa On Arrival), ITK (Visit Visa), Kitas/Itas, Itap/Kitap and Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit(MERP) still cannot be processed yet;
  5. Mutation address and passport foreigner services are still cannot be processed yet;
  6. Emergency Stay Permit is still valid until further notice;
  7. Exit Permit, as stated in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulation, Holders on Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) who intend to end their KITAS or KITAP do not need to report to the immigration office and can immediately leave the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Exit Permit was given at the airport at the time of departure.

Ministry of Manpower

  1. The application for a new applicant’s work permit cannot be processed based on a circular from the Ministry of Manpower No. M/4/HK.04/IV/2020 and Regulation of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. 11 year 2020 concerning Temporary Prohibitions of Entry (Travel Ban) into Indonesia for Foreigners in response to Covid-19’s Outbreak;
  2. The Ministry of Manpower has reopened the services extension of work permit to foreign workers who will extend their Limited Stay Permits.

When does the reopening for all new foreigners application services? We don’t know that yet until Immigration and the Ministry of Manpower deliver further notice. We Indoservice will keep you updated if there is more information regarding these services.

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