Opening a Restaurant Business in Bali During the Pandemic The existence of a pandemic that has hit all countries without end, has closed various business sectors without exception, especially in the tourism sector, the restaurant sector. Thousands of restaurants are closing their doors permanently and the economy is in a deep recession.

But that hasn’t stopped intrepid entrepreneurs from opening new restaurants during this time of the pandemic. It is undeniable, during the pandemic, there are many offers that make it easy for restaurant business actors, including: rental prices that are not too expensive and easy to pay for place rent and ease of licensing.

Bali is nice place & favorite in Indonesia to open a business in the tourism sector, operating in the restaurant sector. This is because most of the Balinese population whose livelihood is engaged in tourism.


Indonesia to open a business


The tourism sector in Bali offers many business opportunities for local and foreign investors. Starting a business in Bali, especially in the Restaurant Tourism sector makes Bali perfect, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. 

Having a tropical climate as well as endless coastlines and fertile soil created by volcanoes make this province an ideal center for various types of businesses in the tourism sector, especially in the field of food & beverage.

In this article, we will discuss what needs to be prepared in running a restaurant business in Bali, the advantages of this business and tips for running the business.

First step

Establishment of Company

After you have a business entity for the culinary business, then all you have to do is take care of licensing (TDUP). How to get it, in Bali?

In getting a license for establish a restaurant in Bali, the first thing you need is a Tourism Business Registration Certificate (TDUP). 

Provisions regarding restaurant business licensing are regulated by the Minister of Tourism Regulation Number 18 of 2016 concerning Tourism Business Registration.

Making TDUP License can be done in 2 ways.

1. By taking care online at PTSP

The registration stage can be done through the One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP). Business actors will receive integrated services whose process includes the application stage to the issuance stage of business registration.

2. By registering via Online Single Submission (OSS)

The Online Single Submission (OSS) system has become a solution for business actors who want to get a business license. With the OSS, applications for restaurant business licenses can be submitted directly through the OSS portal. However, before registering, business actors must have a Business Identification Number (NIB). Later, the NIB will act as TDP, Import Identification Number (API), Customs Access Rights, and Registration to BPJS.

Specifically for Bali, it is done through OSS

Additional information for the business sector in the tourism – restaurant sector in Bali, there is a permit that must be fulfilled, namely the Tourism Business Registration Certificate (TDUP) Fulfillment Agreement. 

Requirements to Get that License?

  1. Application Form (stamp-materai)
  2. Business Registration Number (NIB)
  3. Company NPWP/Tax Card
  4. ID / KTP/ Passport of the owner or person in charge of the company
  5. Deed of establishment and amendments for non-individual companies
  6. Location Permit or Water Location Permit or Location Permit at Sea from OSS that is effective
  7. SPPL or UKL/UPL or SKKL recommendations (Environmental Feasibility Decree)
  8. Environmental Permit from OSS that is effective (for activities that require UKL/UPL or AMDAL Recommendations)
  9. Building Permit (IMB) or IMB Function Changes along with pictures
  10. Function-worthy certificate (SLF) specifically for Shopping Center/Hospital activities or a statement letter of conformity with IMB for other than these activities
  11. Proof of land tenure (SHM/lease agreement/lease-use agreement etc.)
  12. Proof of tourism attraction management rights (for tourist attraction activities)
  13. NPWPD / Regional Company Tax Card
  14. Recommendations from KSOP (especially for businesses located in the Benoa port authority area)

Advantages of Opening a New Restaurant During the Pandemic in Bali

  1. People like to eat out
  2. Will be part of the community
  3. Can take advantage of requests for take-away food
  4. Can develop a team of interesting people around you
  5. Can customize your business

Tips for Opening a New Restaurant During the Pandemic at Bali

Community – Improve Takeaway and Delivery Quality

Look around your community. We are all in the same place, and each of us needs to consider what we can do to be part of the solution instead of moving forward.

As a new restaurant, you are uniquely positioned to help those who may be unemployed and hungry. Consider offering simple, nutritious meals to people in the community who need them.

As a new restaurant, you need to get your name/brand out there, and that’s not easy during a pandemic. Establishing yourself as a socially conscious and contributing member of the local community will go a long way in encouraging people to try your food and beverage.


As you rethink your options, be creative, and think about ways you can serve stay-at-home customers.

  1. Offer a menu that is not boring, packaged tableware, simple packaging and makes it easier for consumers to eat dishes.
  2. Plan for live entertainment. Local musicians might consider offering performances either on video that customers can watch live or watch on your website – while enjoying take-away food. 

Be creative. The more memorable experiences or deals you provide, the more likely people will choose your Restaurant when it’s time to order.

Focus on Digital Marketing

The period of physical distancing like now is the right moment for you to take advantage of digital marketing. People spend more time at home relying on the internet. So, posting your ad on social media and sending email marketing is the right way to optimize your restaurant business opportunity.

Create engaging content regularly on Instagram. You can advertise for free and paid for, but paying for your ad posts will certainly get him more exposure. Consider filling your website with content that is useful to readers and sending that content to your customers via email on a regular basis.

Make Special Discount

You can carefully consider the discount. You can put your customers’ wallets at rest by being aware that this pandemic will soon be over and restaurant business should return to normal.

To avoid business devaluation, it is important for you to make sure that the discounts provided are only temporary during the Corona pandemic. For example, you can give a discount of 30 percent until 50 percent for a new menu or a special menu that you prepare during a pandemic or you can determine how long the discount will last.



Setup Indonesian Restaurant


Food and beverage is the essence of a restaurant. Presentation, appearance and taste are aspects that a restaurant owner should not overlook. This concept must be finalized, and made as attractive as possible in order to leave a deep impression on every guest/orderer of your restaurant.

Before starting to get involved in running a business in the food & beverage business, it’s a good idea to know in advance what you must prepare beforehand as a condition for running a business in that field.

Because opening a restaurant not only requires good food and beverage or a clean and comfortable place, but also requires licensing as a form of business legality in running the business.

Find out firsthand what are the licensing requirements that must be owned for companies in the tourism sector, restaurant sector in Bali – Indonesia.

For more details, you can contact us Indoservice regarding the legality or licensing of companies in Indonesia.

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Opening a Restaurant Business in Bali During the Pandemic
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Opening a Restaurant Business in Bali During the Pandemic
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