Skin Care Business in Indonesia and its Distribution Permit – Skin care or a good skin care routine will only be good by using products that are suitable for your skin. Good and quality skin care products can help the skin look brighter and more beautiful. Both now and in the future. The most important factor in choosing a product for skin care is what suits you best. Selection of suitable skin care products, is very difficult. Because you have to choose correctly and what suits you.

All existing products are very good. There’s no such thing as a bad product, but sometimes people with different skin types using the wrong products can damage their skin. Because everyone’s skin type is different and requires different treatments from a skincare product. Knowing your skin type can actually help you in choosing a suitable product.

In Indonesia, the skin care business is a very big and very promising opportunity. This is because this industry continues to grow and develop following trends in society.

As stated above, Skin care products, experiencing a very rapid rate of growth.

Considering starting a skin care business is the right choice. But before deciding to move in the skincare business, you must understand and know what types of skincare are as well as their functions. Because everyone has different skin needs.

Skin Care Business in Indonesia


skin care business


Below we will explain how to start a skin care business in Indonesia as well as how to get a product license from the Indonesian government and tips on running a business.

The first step

Company establishment until obtaining a Business License.

The Second step

Register at BPOM for Cosmetic Skin Care Products

Registering cosmetics according to the BPOM notification is apparently not an easy thing. There are many steps and procedures that must be fulfilled. Here’s how to register the product.

1. Register with the POM Agency Website

The first thing you should do is visit the BPOM’s official website at Then, you do your company registration. During the registration process, you must fill out an online form, according to the cosmetic product you have. The data that is filled in, in the form of login data, product-related data, industrial data and so on.

In addition to these data, you must also upload your PSB, along with several other important documents requested. After the online form filling process has been completed, all you have to do is submit and wait for the approval process from the BPOM.

2. Preparing the Required Documents

As previously reviewed, that in order to register to register BPOM for cosmetic products, several documents are needed. Generally, these documents are application letters and statement letters.

Some of the important points that you must fill in the application letter are as follows:

  • Company name, address, zip code, telephone, type of business, business license number, NPWP/Tax Card, NPWP/Tax Card address, API (import identification number), warehouse address and warehouse telephone.
  • In addition, several important documents that must be attached include the IU (Business License) NPWP, API, Statement of Person in Charge, Notary Deed Agreement Letter, and HS Code.
  • For a statement letter, you must include your name, address and position at your own cosmetic company, SIK Number (Pharmacist Permit), telephone must also be registered with BPOM. After that, this statement letter is signed and given a stamp.


Especially for SIK or Pharmacist Permit, it must be filled in by a company that is a cosmetic importer and does not produce its own cosmetic products.

You also need to know that registering with BPOM for cosmetic products has differences in terms of administration. That is, the registration itself is open for registration of local products, imported products and domestic products.

For documents on Administration and Registration of Local Products, you will need documents such as laboratory test results, Business License (IU) or Principle License (IP), minimum 3 samples and colored labels or patent rights.

Meanwhile, registration of imported products will require several documents that need to be prepared, such as a description of the composition and specifications, a copy of the IU (business license) or API-U, a minimum of three samples, color labels and laboratory test results.

Additional information:

Cosmetic products circulating in Indonesia must also be registered with the MUI (Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars) certified as halal.

For details, you can contact us, Indoservice.

Several Tips on Running a Business Skin Care


tips on running a business skin care


1. Define Business Concept

The main and most important thing in starting a business is to determine the concept, so that the business can run smoothly. You can think about what your business concept will look like, whether it’s a franchise business, an agency or building a core company.

2. Watching Trends

Seeing trends is also as important as determining the market, because beauty trends continue to develop every day.

3. Creating Skin Care Products

There are several options to choose from to create a product, i’e:

  • Make your own brand. This is so that the resulting skin care products have maximum quality. You need to build laboratories and skin care factories that comply with government requirements.
  • Buy ready-made skin care products. You just have to think about the sales and marketing strategy.

4. Follow the Applicable Rules

If you want to release skin care products to local and international markets, then make sure your products meet the requirements and do not violate existing rules.

5. Know Market Needs

Knowing what skin problems most people have is also important before starting a business. You can do research in the surrounding community to conduct a survey to find out several things from potential customers:

– Demographic

– Psychographic

– Another skin care brand they like.

6. Create your Brand, Packaging and Labels

A brand is a set of associations and perceptions that consumers have of you and your business. Meanwhile, product packaging and labels are the first things consumers will see.

7. Pricing Strategy

There are three prices you need to set: retail price, production price, and wholesale price.

8. Promote Digitally

In addition to using an offline store, it is very important for you to have an online store in the midst of today’s fierce business competition. Online store websites can help you to compete in the virtual realm. You can also use social media to promote. Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are very relevant to today’s consumers. You can use business features that are now almost in all the leading social media.


The skincare business trend is a very big and promising opportunity. There are many factors that go into starting a skin care business. Before starting a business in the skin care field, it’s good to know in advance what you have to prepare in advance as a condition for running a business in that field. Establishing a company or legal entity that is engaged in skin care is the most appropriate thing. Establishing a company or legal entity in this field also provides protection and guarantees to consumers that the products produced, sold or marketed are good and fit for use.

If you experience difficulties or ignorance in the process of establishing a company as well as for the registration process for a distribution permit for skin care cosmetics in Indonesia, the procedures and legal basis in Indonesia.

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Skin Care Business in Indonesia and its Distribution Permit
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Skin Care Business in Indonesia and its Distribution Permit
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