How to get an Impresariat KITAS – Incorporating some entertainment into your event? This will definitely give your participants something to remember. Invite unexpected artists who will open doors to different worlds that your guests never expected. Bringing in foreign artists is not as easy as imagined. It takes great preparation to make it happen, from strategy, lobbying, foreign workers’ work permits to funding.

Below we will explain the flow of work permits from foreign workers for impresariat services.

What needs to be considered in the use of foreign workers (TKA) for impresariat services is that in the licensing process, the first thing to do is make a Plan for the Use of Foreign Workers (RPTKA).

Applications for Ratification of RPTKA eligibility include:

  1. Identity of the Employer of Foreign Workers;
  2. Reasons for using foreign workers;
  3. The position of the foreign worker in the company’s organizational structure;
  4. Number of foreign workers;
  5. Term of use of foreign workers;
  6. Work location of foreign workers;
  7. Identity of Foreign Workers Assistance; and
  8. Plan to absorb Indonesian workers every year.

The list of allowed Impresariat jobs includes:

Impresariat KITAS

Artists, Creators & Performers

  1. Pengarah Seni / Art Director
  2. Pengarah Musik / Music Director
  3. Musisi / Musician
  4. Penyanyi / Singer
  5. Disjoki / Disc Jockey
  6. Aktris/Aktor – Actress/Actor
  7. Penari / Dancer
  8. Pemain Akrobat / Acrobatic
  9. Pemain Sirkus / Circus Player
  10. Pemain Sirkus / Circus Player
  11. Pesulap / Magician
  12. Pengawal Pribadi/Model Iklan – Ad Model
  13. Peraga Busana / Fashion Model

Directors & Managers

  1. Manajer Pertunjukan / Show Manager
  2. Sutradara Film / Film Director
  3. Pengarah Lampu / Light Director
  4. Pemandu Karaoke / Karaoke Guide

Maximum duration for an Impresariat KITAS in Indonesia

The maximum duration for an Impresariat KITAS is 6 months.

Required foreign workers (TKA) documents

  1. Education certificate
  2. Certificate of competence or work experience
  3. 4×6 . color passport photo
  4. Proof of insurance policy
  5. Employment agreement
  6. Certificate of appointment of Companion Workers
  7. Foreigner’s nationality passport (color)
  8. Current account/savings of foreign workers or employers of foreign workers Min. 1500$

After obtaining the Eligibility Approval for the RPTKA, the next step is the Management of Foreign Worker Permits (TKA) – RPTKA.

After fulfilling all the necessary requirements then the foreign worker permit can be processed. with the following steps:

  1. Register to get the RPTKA online queue
  2. Fill in the RPTKA document form
  3. Upload the RPTKA document
  4. Payment of DKP-TKA/DPKK
  5. RPTKA ratification

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The use of foreign workers in Indonesia has the aim of bringing skills in the context of the transfer of knowledge and technology (transfer of knowledge). However, there is a need for legal protection and restrictions for foreign workers working in Indonesia.

If you have difficulties, ignorance in the process of applying for work permits, visas and stay permits for guests (invited) will bring foreign artists to Indonesia.

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How to get an Impresariat KITAS
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How to get an Impresariat KITAS
The maximum duration for an Impresariat KITAS is 6 months. The first thing to do is make a Plan for the Use of Foreign Workers (RPTKA). For more details, you can contact Indoservice
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